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Working With Industry Boot Camp Kickoff

KSURF? KSUF? KSU-IC? IP? PI? PAS? DOD? Making Sense of K-State's Alphabet Soup

This lunch & learn session is open to all, and especially designed for those who are evaluated on external relations with corporations and the people (including alumni) who work in industry. Tony Boccanfuso, Executive Director of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership, will discuss trends in university-industry relations, and K-State staff will share overviews of their units and take the mystery out of their respective acronyms. Participants will gain insight into how to connect the dots between their constituents and the overall K-State industry relations portfolio.

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Speaker materials, handouts, etc.

UIDP Executive Director - Tony Boccanfuso Slides (pdf)

Corporate Engagement Director - Richard Potter Slides (pdf)

Corporate Relations Director - Mitzi Richards Slides (pdf)

Additional Resources 

KSURF IP Activity Summary (pdf)