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Working With Industry Boot Camp Session 3

How to Formalize the Relationship

Negotiating a contract is rarely a simple process, but there is no need to start from scratch. The Offices of Research and Sponsored Programs and PreAward Services have negotiated 100s of industry contracts. Out of this experience they have developed a number of contract templates, and their staff can help determine which one best fits any given situation. They are also well-versed in communicating and negotiating with corporate partners, so you don’t have to “go it alone.”

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Speaker materials, handouts, etc. 

Monsanto Slides (pdf)

PreAwards-OSRP Slides (pdf)

PreAward Services Agreement Templates
  1. Memorandum of Agreement (pdf)
  2. Testing and Evaluation Services Agreement (pdf)
  3. Master Agreement for Research and Service Projects (pdf)
  4. Modification of Agreement (pdf)
  5. Confidentiality Agreement (pdf)
  6. Material Transfer Agrement (outgoing material) (pdf)