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Working With Industry Boot Camp Session 5

Developing and Managing the Outputs of Your Project

A contract for sponsored research is not only a legally binding agreement that governs the deliverables of your work with a sponsor. It can also be the beginning of a much broader relationship with a corporate partner. This session will provide you with tips and tools to insure that you are meeting your contractual obligations in a timely and commercially relevant manner, which will in turn lead to sustained industry partnerships. The session also includes an overview of the processes necessary to disclose and protect University developed intellectual property, a general discussion of what is required of inventors during the commercialization process, and examples of how that interaction can benefit faculty both personally and professionally. Examples of contracts that have gone awry, and tips to help you avoid consequences such as 5-figure fines (or worse…see Why The Professor Went To Prison, Businessweek, Nov. 1, 2012), will also be provided.

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Speaker materials, handouts, etc. 

Developing and Managing the Output of Your Project - Slides (pdf)