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Explore funding resources and collaborations

K-State offers unique resources to help faculty members find support for their research, scholarly, and creative activity and discovery.

Faculty resources

Visit Faculty Resources to find proposal development and submission guidance. Our Find Funding page contains a wealth of options, including:

Industry-sponsored research

K-State has adopted an innovative approach to industry-sponsored research. Find the tools you need to build a successful collaboration.

Conduct industry-sponsored research and development

Follow a few steps to nurture a successful collaboration with industry.

  1. Work with a grant administrator to develop technical and cost proposals
  2. Consider whether you need a confidentiality agreement
  3. Find budget tools (rates, fully burdened budget templates, etc.)
  4. Draft statements of work and consider intellectual property and necessary disclosures
  5. Obtain proper approvals: Route items through the university process in e-Proposals; all items MUST BE approved, and budgets must include fringe benefits and overhead
  6. Choose agreement templates and negotiate after the company has accepted the statement of work and intellectual property agreement
Testing and evaluation services

When we aren’t developing technology, follow these steps to provide testing and evaluation.

  1. Contact PreAward Services proposal developers to determine schedule of charges or other billing rate
  2. Assign the appropriate agreement for testing and services 
  3. Consider confidentiality agreement and publication restrictions (i.e., prohibitions on publishing sponsors’ confidential information; carve-outs are possible to reserve rights to retain new protocols, etc.
  4. Route agreements for internal approvals before sending to the sponsor
  5. Negotiate the agreement; the process is the same as for research and development from this point onward