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Step 2: Assessment

After an innovation disclosure has been submitted to our office, we begin a 2- to 3-month review process to assess your invention. An initial inventor meeting between our team and the inventor(s) is scheduled within two weeks of receiving the Invention Disclosure Form to ensure proper understanding of the invention.

During this process, someone from our team may contact you with additional questions.

Assessment process

Technology Overview
  1. Key features
  2. Benefits
  3. Applications
Intellectual Property Assessment
  1. Search for prior art
  2. Search other publications, presentations, websites not covered in patent literature
Market Overview
  1. Where does the technology fall in the value chain?
  2. What is the rage of applicability?
  3. What is the market size?
  4. Is there potential for market growth?
Commercialization Readiness
  1. Level of development
  2. Ease of adoption
  1. Results of the screening assessment is presented to the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee 
  2. IPAC then makes a decision whether or not to move forward with the IP protection

If the technology receives a favorable screening, next steps may include filing patent applications and moving the invention to the protection stage of the technology commercialization process. Otherwise, the invention will be returned to you. 

Step 3: Protection

Report an invention (docx)
Click the button above to download the form and return it to tech.transfer@k-state.edu.
Questions? Contact a member of the Kansas State University Research Foundation team.