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Start a business

Our highly skilled team provides assistance and support to the university, corporations and research entities in the following:


  • Corporate formation and governance
  • Personnel, executive and board recruitment; assistance in structuring compensation, including benefits, cash and equity incentive plans
  • Contract drafting, negotiations and review
  • Operations management, including weekly oversight of customer service, human resources, resource allocation and acquisition
  • Serving in board, executive and other officer/management positions


  • Strategic planning and business plan development
  • IP acquisition, licensing and strategy
  • New product development management and identification of new markets for products and services
  • Establishing strategic partnerships through joint development agreements, exclusive supplier/distributor contracts or strategic investment
  • Planning for and facilitating IPO, acquisition or corporate buy-back to provide liquidity for shareholders


  • Market research and analysis, including industry analysis, competitive landscape and corporate profiling
  • Sales and marketing strategy development and support

Financial Management

  • Facilitating access to capital, including government grants, seed capital and angel investment networks
  • Assistance in structuring debt and equity financing rounds, including assistance with business valuation and capitalization
  • Financial management based on balance sheets, net income and cash flow statements, as well as business plans, budgets and forecasts
  • Bookkeeping services and payroll