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K-State offers a breadth of research expertise and resources that are aligned with area needs. Find out how our scholars can help solve R&D problems and develop long-term strategies, learn about the processes K-State has in place to facilitate collaboration, and more.

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When you partner with K-State, you partner with success. Our researchers have garnered more than 300 active patents for the university and brought in more than nearly $200 million in research funding in FY 2020.

  • We have the necessary resources to strengthen industry outcomes through research, service/testing, or consulting.
  • Several intellectual property options are available for industry sponsors to consider. Should your project result in a commercially viable outcome, these options assist in securing a preferred position in the marketplace. View an outline of potential approaches (PDF).

Katie SmallContact:

Katie Small
Industry engagement manager


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We have developed innovative approaches to industry-sponsored research. Find out how we bridge the gap between the business needs of companies and the public policy mandates that govern public universities.

View contract and agreement templates.

Lisa Duer


Lisa Duer
Manager, contract negotiations


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Search the portfolio for technologies currently available for licensing. The list is frequently updated and includes descriptions of technologies related to patents and other intellectual property owned or otherwise managed by Kansas State University.

Ken Williams


Ken Williams
Director of licensing