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Visual Cognition Laboratory

Second Language Comprehension Publications

(Students' names in italics)

Rai, M.K., Loschky, L.C., & Harris, J. (2014). The effects of stress on reading: A comparison of first language versus intermediate second-language reading comprehension. Journal of Educational Psychology, 107(2), 348-363. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/a0037591

Rai, M.K., Loschky, L.C., Harris, R.J., Peck, N.C., & Cook, L. (2011). Effects of stress and working memory capacity on foreign language readers' inferential processing during comprehension. Language Learning, 61:1, 187-218.

Chaudron, C., Loschky, L.C. & Cook, J. (1995). Second language listening comprehension and lecture note-taking. In J. Flowerdew (Ed.), Academic listening: Research perspectives (pp. 75-92). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Loschky, L.C. (1994). Comprehensible input and second language acquisition: What is the relationship? Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 16, 303-323.