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Visual Cognition Laboratory


Visual Cognition & Related Research

Dr. Christopher A. Dickinson, Visual-Spatial Cognition Lab, U. Delaware

Dr. Andrew Duchowski, Virtual Reality Eyetracking Lab, Clemson

Dr. David Field, The Field Lab (Natural Images), Cornell

Dr. Bruce C. Hansen, Visual Perception Lab, Colgate U.

Dr. Richard Harris, Kansas State U.

Dr. Thomas Huang, Image Formation and Processing Group, UIUC

Dr. Aaron Johnson, Concordia Vision Labs, Concordia U., Montreal

Dr. Kimberly Kirkpatrick, Kansas State U.

Dr. Arthur Kramer, Lifelong Brain and Cognition Lab, UIUC

Dr. Adam M. Larson, University of Findley

Dr. Adrian Madsen, American Assoc. of Physics Teachers

Dr. Joseph P. Magliano, N. Illinois U.

Dr. Mark Neider, Applied Cognition and Aging Lab, U. Central Florida

Dr. Sebastian Pannasch, Tech. U. Dresden, Germany

Dr. Derrick Parkhurst, Human and Computer Vision Lab, Iowa State

Manpreet K. Rai, Kansas State U.

Dr. Sanjay Rebello, Kansas State U.

Dr. Eyal Reingold, The Reingold Eye-Movements Lab, U. Toronto

Amy Rouinfar, Kansas State U.

Dr. Daniel Simons, Visual Cognition Lab, UIUC

Dr. Tim J. Smith, Birkbeck U., London

Dr. Gregory Zelinsky, Eye Cog Lab (Eye Movements & Cognition), SUNY Stonybrook


Eye Movement Research Conferences

European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM)

Eye Tracking Research & Applications Symposium (ETRA)

Vision Sciences Society (VSS)



Seeing Machines

SR Research (EyeLink)


Visual Perception Demos



Visual Cognition Books

"The Invisible Gorilla" by Chris Chabris & Dan Simons, authors of the famous 'Gorilla Study.' I highly recommend this enlightening and entertaining book! It is a great mix of real world examples and results of carefully done research. (Les Loschky)