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Visual Cognition Laboratory

Basic Research

Recognizing the Gist of a Scene

How do people recognize the gist of a scene, and how quickly does this occur? What information do we use? What influences our perception of scenes?

Visual Narrative Perception and Comprehension

How do we perceive and understand films and picture stories? 

Visual Resolution (Blur vs Clarity) and Attention

How does the resolution of an image influence where we look?

Eye Movements and Memory for Objects in Scenes

What do we remember about the objects we see, and how does viewing order influence our perceptions?

Aerial versus Terrestrial Scenes

How are people used to viewing scenes, and what happens when that viewpoint is changed?

Temporal Limits of Visual Information Acquisition

After making an eye movement, how quickly can we begin to process information?

Limits of Visual Resolution in Natural Scene Viewing

What are the limits of our visual resolution? How does our central vision compare to our peripheral vision?