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Visual Cognition Laboratory

Prospective Students


"I am currently working with a number of graduate and undergraduate students on several research topics in visual cognition. My philosophy for working with students is to provide them with guidance in carrying out research while challenging them to contribute their own ideas and viewpoints. Undergraduate students who are interested in carrying out research on such topics can apply to be a PSYCH 599 research assistant in my lab.

As a research assistant, students will have a chance to experience the entire cycle of research, from reading articles on a topic we are investigating, to generating research questions and hypotheses, to designing, preparing, and carrying out experiments, to analyzing the data, writing up the results, and presenting it at a conference, or even submitting it for publication in a scientific journal. The activities that an individual research assistant participates in depend on their level of motivation and commitment. Such experience is very valuable for understanding how research in graduate school is conducted, and can greatly strengthen a graduate school application.

Graduate students who are interested in working with me can either work on one of my on-going research projects or propose their own topic of research, depending on their level of experience and motivation. Graduate students will also gain valuable experience in supervising undergraduate research assistants in the lab. Support for graduate students comes from grant money when available, or departmental graduate teaching assistantships. Students who contribute significantly to our research will have ample opportunity to co-author publications resulting from it.

Students interested in working with me can contact me by phone (785-532-6882) or e-mail (loschky@ksu.edu)."

(- Dr. Les Loschky)