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Visual Cognition Laboratory

Applied Research

Developing a New Measure of the Useful Field of View

How much can we see, attend to, and process within our field of view? How can multi-tasking affect our field of view? Is there a reliable way to measure and test this?

Physics Problem Solving

How can information in an image help us solve a problem? Can inexperienced problem solvers become more accurate if we cue them on where to look in an image?

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Is there a way to classify images based on their characteristics that will make them easier to find in a search?

Gaze-Contingent Multi-Resolutional Displays

How can we lessen the demands on computer displays? Can we save processing resources by making displays gaze-contingent with high resolution only at the center of vision?

Matching Image Update Rates in GCMRDs to the Temporal Limits of Vision

How fast must the high-resolution center of a gaze-contingent multi-resolutional display be updated? Will perception or performance be affected?

Matching the Drop-Off of Image Resolution in GCMRDs to Human Visual Resolution

What are the limits of human visual resolution? How can we make a gaze-contingent multi-resolutional display match these limits?

The Effects on Perception and Performance When Image Resolution Drops

How does blur in an image affect perception and performance?