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Attention Lesser Prairie-Chicken Landowners!

Additional information for Lesser Prairie-Chicken Landowners



November 27th Adela Annis presented Master’s thesis research on Ring-necked Pheasant Survival, Nest-site Selection and Mesocarnivore Occupancy within Western Kansas Spring Cover Crops.


August 14th we had a successful coordinating committee meeting at the K-State Alumni Center.

Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit Biennial Report 2018

  • Two new projects were approved; Evaluating Black Rail Habitat Availability, Occupancy Probability, and Response to Wetland Management Practices in Kansas (with E. Webb, MOCFWRU) and Response of Greater Prairie-Chickens to Military Operations on Fort Riley.
  • Chris Gulick was presented the Outstanding Student Award.
    Chris receiving the outstanding Student Award from Dr. Haukos
  • Keith Sexson was presented with a retirement gift.
    Kieth Sexson receiving a retirement gift from Dr. Haukos


In September 2017, David Haukos, Dan Sullins, Jonathan Lautenbach, Bram Verheijen, Adela Annis, Alix Godar, Chris Gulick, and Caroline Skidmore attended The Wildlife Society's 24th Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Nine presentations were made.