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Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

David Haukos' Courses

Kansas State University

BIOL 433
Introduction to Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology - Terrestrial Portion, (3 semester credits), with Keith Gido. An introduction to the ecological and management principles associated with the fields of fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology. Topics include population ecology and assessment, resource management, and environmental legislation. Spring semester 2012-2016.

BIOL 890
Habitat Ecology and Management (3 semester credits, graduate level course). Spring semester 2016.

BIOL 890
Advanced Spatial Modeling, (3 semester credits, graduate level course), with Gene Albanese. This course is designed for graduate students in the biological, natural resource and environmental sciences. Proficiency with GIS software and familiarity with principles of landscape ecology are encouraged but not required. To accomplish the course objectives, we will use a project-based learning approach. Students will be required to work in interdisciplinary teams for class discussions, lab exercises and a final project. There will be a heavy emphasis on the use of computer software and models. Fall semester 2012, 2014.

BIOL 890
Bayesian Methods in Ecology, (2 semester credits, graduate level course), with Beth Ross. The material in this course covers the application of Bayesian statistics (with comparisons to frequentist and traditional statistical approaches when appropriate) to ecological data, and is intended for graduate students in the biological and natural resource sciences. An understanding of linear regression and basic principles of biometry is required, and experience with R is encouraged. Fall semester 2014.

Texas Tech University

NRM 5320
Natural Resource Biopolitics, (3 semester credits; graduate level course). Policy, planning, and conflict resolution from a natural resource management perspective. Historical, agency, and private organization roles in policy and conflict resolution are evaluated. Fall semester 2004-2010.

NRM 4320
Natural Resource Policy, (3 semester credits). Emphasis on the human dimension of natural resource management. Historical, agency, and private organization roles in policy and conflict resolution. Fall semester 2004-2010.

NRM 2301
Introduction to Wildlife, majors section (3 semester credits). Introduction to the ecology and management of wildlife populations. Stresses principles, life histories, and management techniques. Fall semester 1995-2003; Spring semester 2009.

NRM 4310
Principles of Waterfowl Management (3 semester credits). Ecology and management of continental waterfowl resources. Life histories, population management, and habitat manipulation are stressed. Team taught fall 2010

NRM 5316
Waterfowl Ecology (3 semester credits). An ecological examination of waterfowl behavior, breeding biology, and habitat requirements. Team taught fall 2010

NRM 2302
The Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources (3 semester credits). An introduction to the conservation of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources of native lands, including their multiple use for timber, water, range, recreation, and wildlife. Fall semester 1991.

NRM 4307
Wildlife Investigational Techniques (3 semester credits).The basic methodology of practical wildlife management. This involves the routine techniques in data collection related to population maintenance, as well as ways to monitor field research. Fall semester 1990.

NRM 4401
Fisheries Management (4 semester credits). Theory and practice of fisheries management with emphasis on basic strategies used in effective management of aquatic renewable natural resources. Fall semester 1991. Guest Lecturer

NRM 2301
Introductory Wildlife

NRM 2305
Introduction to Freshwater Ecology

NRM 3307
Principals of Conservation Science

NRM 3501
Range, Forest, Wetland Plants, and Plant Identification

NRM 5309
Population Estimation and Dynamics

NRM 5314
Advanced Upland Game Ecology and Mangement

NRM 5316
Waterfowl Ecology

NRM 5402
Advanced Fisheries Ecology and Management

NRM 5334
Wetland Ecology WE 2300 Social Impacts of Wind Energy

NRM 3325
Integrated Natural Resource Management Skills South Dakota State University WL 367. Ornithology (4 semester credits). Lab and field instructor assisting in bird identification and description, field trips, quizzes, and exams.