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Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


Dr. David A. Haukos is the Unit Leader and Associate Professor in the Division of Biology. He received his Ph.D. in Wildlife Science from Texas Tech University in 1991. His research efforts focuson the effects of environmental and habitat changes on wildlife populations. By extension, such changes are assessed in regard to delivery of ecological goods and services. His primary focus is on wetland habitats especially High Plains playas, Gulf coastal marshes, and western riparian areas, with additional investigations in prairie ecosystems. He principally concentrates on the influence of habitat quality and quantity on population dynamics of migratory waterbirds, prairie grouse, and grassland passerines. Of particular interest is the role of wintering and migratory stopover locations in future reproductive success of migratory birds, which includes assessment of cross-seasonal effects and multi-spatial scale modeling. In addition, he is involved in long-term development and assessment of novel models for environmental education.