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Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Current Projects

Wildlife Projects

Survival Rates, Habitat Selection, and Movement of Sympatric Mule Deer and White-tailed Deer in Kansas; Talesha Karish, Mitchell Kern, & Maureen Kinlan

Multi-scale Response of Lesser Prairie-Chickens to Future Changes in Land Use and Land Cover; Camille Rieber

Reconstruction of Landscape Composition and Vegetation Characteristics in the Sand Sagebrush Prairie Ecoregion; Megan Vhay

Patterns of Greenness (NDVI) in the Southern Great Plains and Their Influence on the Habitat Quality and Reproduction of a Declining Prarie Grouse; Ashley Messier

The Impact of Future Climate Variability on Shorebirds and Their Wetland Habitats in the South-Central U.S.

Guiding Present and Future Native Fish Restoration Using a Strategic Planning Process, Literature Synthesis, Database Analysis, Field Protocol Development/Testing, and Adaptive Management; Caitlyn Aymami & Olivia Rode