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Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit



Associate Editor, Wildlife Society Bulletin, 2016 -

Subject/Associate Editor, Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management

Technical Representative, Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystems Study Unit, Kansas State University

Member, KSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Faculty Advisor, KSU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Advisory Group 2010-current

Gulf Coast Joint Venture, Mottled Duck Conservation Group 2002-current

Pintail Action Group - 2003-current
Vice Chair 2007-2009; Chair 2009-2013

USFWS Migratory Bird Executive Order, Development of Memorandum of Understanding between USFWS and other Federal Agencies

Member of the KDWPT Threatened and Endangered Task Committee

Adjunct Professor, Texas Tech University

Adjunct Professor, Stephen F. Austin State University

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies - Lesser Prairie-Chicken Science Work Group 2014-Current

USFWS Sea Bird Impact Committee 2000- 2001

USFWS National Cormorant Depredation EIS Committee 1999- 2004
Pacific Flyway Study Group, Chair White-winged Dove Subcommittee 1999-2001

Pacific Flyway Study Group, Chair Band-tailed Pigeon Four-Corners Population
Subcommittee 1999-2001

Playa Lakes Joint Venture, Management, Evaluation, and Research Team 1992-2000
Waterfowl Team 2002-2008, Science Advisory Team 2009-current

The Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society

  • Student Poster Judge, 2009 Annual Meeting
  • Moderator and Organizer, Plenary Session,1999 Annual Meeting
  • Clarence Cottom Student Award Committee 1999
  • Scientific Program Committee 1998-1999
  • Excellence in Wildlife Conservation Award Committee 1992

Interagency Playa Disease Response Committee 1992-current

Texas State Technical Subcommittee, Conservation Planning, 1996 Farm Bill, USDA, 1996-current

Playa Basin 319 Project, Advisory Committee, 1995-1997

Edwards Ecosystem Team, 1994-2001; single Point of Contact 1995,1998

Lokey Lecture Series Nomination Committee, Department of Range and Wildlife Mangement, Texas Tech University 1994

Wildlife Committee, Great Plains Agricultural Council 1993

Region 2 Partners For Wildlife Working Group 1993, Development of the Partners for Natural Resource Conservation Strategy (Precursor to the FWS Ecosystem Approach to Management and Strategic Habitat Conservation)