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Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


BIOL 863 - Professional Skills in Biology (3) Spring. An introduction for new graduate students in the mechanics of becoming a scientist and professional biologist. The course includes presentation of professional seminars, grant proposal writing and reviewing, manuscript preparation and submission, interviewing for jobs, teaching skills, effective communication of scientific data in graphs and tables, and other topics.

BIOL 890 - Advanced Spatial Modeling (3 semester credits, graduate level course). This course is designed for graduate students in the biological, natural resource and environmental sciences. Proficiency with GIS software and familiarity with principles of landscape ecology are encouraged but not required. To accomplish the course objectives, we will use a project-based learning approach. Students will be required to work in interdisciplinary teams for class discussions, lab exercises and a final project. There will be a heavy emphasis on the use of computer software and models.

BIOL 890 - Bayesian Methods in Ecology (2 semester credits, graduate level course). The material in this course covers the application of Bayesian statistics (with comparisons to frequentist and traditional statistical approaches when appropriate) to ecological data, and is intended for graduate students in the biological and natural resource sciences. An understanding of linear regression and basic principles of biometry is required, and experience with R is encouraged.

BIOL 433 - Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation (3) Spring. An introduction to the ecological and management principles associated with the fields of fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology. Topics include population ecology and assessment, resource management, and environmental legislation.

GEOG 840 - River Regimes (3) Spring 2012. Co-taught with Geography faculty.