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Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Completed Fisheries Projects

Fisheries Projects


Coupled Climate, Cultivation and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape (Richard Lehrter II)

Developing and Testing a Spatially-Explicit, Science-Based, Decision-Support Tool for Making Riverscape-Scale Management Decisions: How Dams Affect Fish Communities, a Threatened Native Stream Fish (the Neosho Madtom), and Select Tributary Fish Species (Sean Hitchman)

Plum Island Ecosystems LTER (Ryland Taylor)


A field manipulation that evaluates size through time, habitat-specific diet, isotope values, and distribution of early spawn and natural spawn age-0 largemouth bass (Robert Mapes)


Assessing Distribution and Movement of Blue Catfish in Kansas Reservoirs (Kayla Gerber and Zachary Peterson)


Sand dredging effects on fishes and fish habitat in the Kansas River (Jason Fischer)

Recruitment of Fishes in the Kansas River (Joe Gerken)


Effects of Zebra Mussels on Reservoir Aquatic Communities (Andrea Severson)


Impacts of Road Crossings on Prairie Stream Fishes (Wes Bouska)

Developing Conservation Priorities to Protect Fish Biodiversity in the Lower Colorado River Basin (Kristen Pitts)


Evaluation of Sampling Methods and Habitat Use of Missouri River Fishes (Joshua Schloesser)

Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance of Fish Community and Food Web Structure in a Great Plains River (Jeff Eitzmann)


Structural Organization of Great Plains Stream Fish Assemblages: Implications for Sampling and Conservation (Jesse Fischer)

Native Fish Conservation in the Great Plains (Jesse Fischer)


Evaluation of flathead catfish populations in the Kansas River (Andy Makinster)

Effects of water willow establishment on littoral assemblages in Kansas reservoirs: Focus on Age-0 largemouth bass (Timothy R. Strakosh)


Population dynamics of blue suckers in the Kansas River (Jeff Eitzmann)


Evaluation of habitat enhancement structure use by spotted bass in natural and experimental streams (Stanley L. Proboszcz)


Abiotic Factors and Species Interactions that Influence Recruitment of Walleyes in Kansas Reservoirs (Michael C. Quist)


Growth of fishes in the Missouri River and Lower Yellowstone River, and factors influencing recruitment of freshwater drum in the lower channelized Missouri River (Patrick J. Braaten)

Habitat use and movement of spotted bass in Otter Creek, Kansas (Travis B. Horton)

Population characteristics of bighead carp Hypophthalmichthys nobilis larvae and adults in the Missouri River and interspecific dynamics with paddlefish Polyodon spathula (Sally J. Schrank)

Density, growth, mortality, food habits, and lipid content of age-0 largemouth bass in El Dorado Reservoir, Kansas (Jeffry A. Tripe)


Structure and function of fish communities in streams on Fort Riley Military Reservation (Michael C. Quist)


Characteristics of spotted bass in southeast Kansas streams (Jeff S. Tillma)


Effects of tree revetments on the abiotic and biotic components in two Kansas streams (Jennifer R. Wiens)


Kansas licensed angler use and preference survey and attitudes towards angling by secondary education students (Matthew N. Burlingame)