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Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


The Unit is located on the top floor of Leasure Hall near the center of the Kansas State University Manhattan campus. The Unit has a total of 15 office and laboratory spaces which includes the main office, a copy center, conference room, and several offices and laboratories. We have space for 12 to 15 graduate students and a visiting scientist. Currently, the Unit houses two federal Unit scientists, one Research Associate, one Postdoctor Scientist, one Postdoctoral Fellow, and nine graduate students. Computer systems link with Long-Term Ecological Research facilities in Bushnell Hall, with the University mainframe computer, and other networks. The Unit also has an off-campus storage shed where various boats and large fisheries-related equipment are housed as well as several ATVs, animal traps, and other wildlife research equipment.

Leasure Hall Cubicle Field