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K-State Classy Cats  

Classy Cat Workshop Information registration form

Classy Cat Workshop Registration online registration link

Annual Classy Cat Junior Dance Clinic online registration link 


2017-2018 Classy Cats

Mikala Adams                  Catherine LaClair
Brooke Allen                    Bailey Lincoln
Sabrina Boyd                   Mackensie Lincoln
Paige Dacus                     Kaylie McCune
Hannah Eck                     Caitlynn Noltie
Paige Erickson                 Alexis Pearce
Alexis Estrada                  Skylar Peters
Mackensie Haverkamp      Brittany Rouse
Mariah Hegemann            Katherine Rouse
Kerrigan Henao                Alexandra Scribner
Quins'e Jones                  Reagan Sheffield           
Ellie Keating                    Emma Sutter
Maggie Kohlrus                Ashton Thomas

Thank you for your interest in the Kansas State University Classy Cats. Classy Cat positions are considered a 1-year position. Each Classy Cat must re-audition each year. We will choose an 18-24 member performance squad. 

* Football Pre-game
* Football Side-lines
* Football Half-time
* Parades
* Pep Rallies
* Basketball Games
* Basketball Half-times
* Assigned Events
* Volleyball


KSU Marching Band will provide Classy Cat uniforms.

Classy Cats must purchase:
1. Shoes-3 pair: color and design designated by Coordinator
2. Secondary Uniform:  shorts, t-shirt, tights, dance pants, wind pants & jacket, bag (approximately $400.00 plus camp for new members, $250.00 plus camp for returning members).All funds must be paid by first game. No participation will be allowed until payment is received. 
3. Fundraisers will be provided to help with uniform (shoes, dance pants, warm-ups, etc.) and camp expenses.

Any Classy Cat who does not perform in a professional manner &/or does not represent the position and band in a positive light will be removed from the position on a temporary or permanent basis as the situation dictates.

Classy Cats must maintain a professional appearance in costume, hair and make-up to remain congruent with others.

All correspondence and communication must be initiated by the candidate/Classy Cat and not another family member.

All Classy Cats will attend all rehearsals (including Band Camp & summer practices) and performances.  As members of the bands, the Classy Cats will perform any time the marching band/basketball band and volleyball band performs unless scheduled otherwise by the Band Director and Classy Cat Coordinator.
All Classy Cats will be required to attend: 

  • Summer dance camp (June 2, 3, & 4)
  • 3 of the 4 summer practices (June 16 & 17, June 30 & July 1, July 7 & 8, August 4 & 5)
  • KSUMB Band Camp  August 13-20

These are important times when members learn new routines, work on technique and become as one, a "TEAM". Any exception to this requirement will have to be approved by the Classy Cat Coordinator and/or Band Director.

*Marching Band rehearsal is held from 3:30-5:30 pm every Tuesday, Thursday weekly and Friday of home game(or an assigned performance)weekends. Monday from 3:30-5:30 pm, Wednesday from 3:30-5:15 pm, and Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:30 pm rehearsals will be for Classy Cats only. Saturday rehearsal will be held on the mornings or afternoons of home games with report time five hours before game time. Spring Semester rehearsal times will be announced at a later date.

Audition Information

click HERE for a PDF of the following information:  

Auditions: May 6th, 2017

7:45 am-8:15 am: Registration

Dancers must be warmed up and ready to dance by 8:30 am, when the audition process begins (This means audition ready- full hair and makeup done).

Please bring your own food as you will want to keep up your energy throughout the day. Bring water to stay hydrated.  Auditions will be continuous, so you will want to grab a bite to eat when you can.

*Please note: No parents/family members/friends/anyone not auditioning will be allowed into Ahearn the day of auditions.  Only those auditioning for the KSU Classy Cats Team 2017-18 will be allowed.


We are looking for dancers who:

  • have a great work ethic
  • are on time (and that means early) and prepared for the work they are doing: coming to rehearsals, performances, etc ready to work efficiently, with great effort and with a great attitude
  • dance full-out and with high performance quality/showmanship at all times (unless otherwise told)
  • perform consistently with energy, proper facial expressions, strong technique and solid style
  • are team players interested in the overall success of the entire team, not just themselves or certain individuals
  • are versatile, pick up material/adjust quickly (including details) and then can turn around and perform that material right away
  • can be entertaining to a crowd of 54,000 + people (dancing big with lots of energy and enthusiasm, knowing someone is always watching you, so your job is to always be professional)
  • high level dancers who can execute consistently and with great technique/performance quality, skills such as (including, but not limited to):        

sharp/precise movements; double and triple pirouettes; high kicks; a variety of leaps and jumps (i.e. grand jetes, saut de chats, leaps in second, switch leaps, tilt jumps, turning leaps/jumps, toe touches, etc); pirouette combinations including fouettes and turns in second; turn combinations including chaines, pique turns, soutenus, etc; style (i.e. body waves, detailed footwork, floorwork); picking up hip-hop style quickly; picking up jazz choreography with style, energy and accented movements; etc


8:30 am- 4:30 pm:  Auditions (Cuts will be made throughout the audition process, but be prepared to stay the full day)


4:30 pm:  KSU Classy Cats Team 2017-18 is announced and short meeting



Thank you for expressing interest in the Kansas State University Classy Cats.

This year's auditions will be held on May 6th, 2017 at Ahearn Fieldhouse.  A map of the campus can be found at http://www.ksu.edu/maps.  

The combinations will be taught the day of the audition.  Your performance will be judged on your showmanship, technique, style, musicality/rhythm, and ability to learn quickly.


Audition Attire:

Black Hot Shorts, Any Color Sports Bra or Performance Half-top, Jazz Shoes, Full Make-Up, No Jewelry (post earrings are acceptable), Performance Hair- Hair Down out of face (can wear pouf, side pouf, front braid, or sides up)

Before auditions, please send the following


  • Two letters of recommendation from a coach, dance instructor, teacher, boss, mentor – Someone that can speak towards your dance experience, work ethic, and personality.
  • A Short essay entitled Why I Want to be a Classy Cat- Explain the dynamic you can bring to the team and what factors made you decide to audition to be a Classy Cat
  • Recent photo (will not be returned)- At least a 5x7 color photo    


All MUST complete the auxiliary registration form prior to auditions.  Please send all materials to:

Auxiliary Auditions

226 McCain Auditorium

Manhattan, KS 66506  

A registration fee of $10.00 will be due when you sign up for the auditions. Checks may be payable to KSU Bands.  We look forward to your attendance at the auditions, and wish you the best of luck.  For questions please call KSU Band Office (785-532-3816) or Email quigley@ksu.edu