Kansas State Wind Symphony


As the newest ensemble in the K-State Bands, this group boasts the talents of our Music Majors and gifted non-music majors. Students are exposed to challenging literature and standards of the repertoire.


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2014-2015 Concert Schedule

October 12, 2014
McCain Auditorium


Mock Morris - Grainger
Divertimento - Persichetti
Hold This Boy and Listen - Pann
Chester - William Schuman
Prestissimo - King

December 4, 2014
McCain Auditorium


Toccata Marziale - Vaughan Williams
Songs of Paradise - Walczyk
City Trees - Markowski
Conniption - William Pitts

March 11, 2015
McCain Auditorium

Tunbridge Fair - Piston
Lads of Wamphray - Grainger
Contre Qui Rose - Lauridsen
Wild Nights - Ticheli

May 3, 2015
McCain Auditorium

Ode to RS - Chang Su Koh
And the Grass Sings in the Meadows - Cross
Raise the Roof - Michael Daugherty

Weston Cook