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Kansas State University Band

The University Band is a non-auditioned ensemble which meets Spring semesters. It not only provides a quality ensemble experience for students from all majors on campus, but a valuable opportunity for music education majors to perform on secondary instruments. Music education majors who are taking independent study in conducting also frequently have opportunities to rehearse the band on a weekly basis, and conduct the band in concert

Rehearsal schedule for the week of April 25th

2016 University Band Conductors:
Brett Butler
Jack Donovan
Kasey Dunlap
Eli Gillespie
Racheal Gros
Jenna Hubele
Kyle Lefler
Matt Shea
Brayden Whitaker

2016 Concert Schedule

March 8th, 2016
McCain Auditorium,
7:30 p.m.

Purple Band:
Imperial March - Karl King
Mechanism - Todd Stalter
Train Heading West - Timothy Broege

Silver Band:
Little English Suite - Clare Grundman
Silent Stands the Elm - Roland Barrett
Western Horizons - Thomas Kahelin

Chamber Ensembles:
Festival of the New Sun - Alan Keown
Alarm - Brian Blume
A Dream I've Had - Leroy Osmon
Pavan - William Byrd
Sarbande - JS Bach

May 2nd, 2016
McCain Auditorium,
7:30 p.m.

Purple Band:
Declaration Overture - Claude T. Smith
Sun Cycles - Brian Balmages
On the Merrimack - Andrew Boysen Jr.

Silver Band:
Pink Lemonade - Albert Weid
Appalachian Morning - Robert Sheldon
Alligator Alley - Michael Daugherty

Chamber Ensembles:
Romance - Heller/Pelz
Susato Suite - Tielman Susato