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Kansas State Bands


K-State has a variety of organizations opportunities open for all students. From music majors to non music majors, from freshman to fifth year seniors. 

Municipal Band KKY TBS

Manhattan, Kansas has had a tax-supported Municipal Band since 1920 when the city adopted a tax levy for that purpose. Over the years the band's membership has come from all conceivable walks of life, including students, staff, and faculty from Kansas State University, Manhattan Christian College and surrounding public schools, as well as military and civilian personnel from nearby Fort Riley, representatives of the community's diverse private sector, clergy, and retirees.

At Kansas State University, the Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma chapters function mostly as one joint entity. While each maintains their separate organization, we have found that together, we can provide more support and service for the K-State bands.

Phi Mu Alpha
 Sigma Alpha Iota

All Hail! We are the Tau chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, located at Kansas State University in beautiful Manhattan, KS. We are always striving to further our social, musical, and philanthropic contributions to KSU and the Manhattan community.

Sigma Alpha Iota is an organization which promotes interaction among those who share a commitment to music. Members of SAI are active in all areas of campus music and campus life, working closely with faculty, administration, campus and community groups, music professionals and patrons.