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Department of Psychological Sciences

Recent News from the RTD Laboratory

December 2021

- RTD lab undergraduate Lexe West is one of four K-State students that will be nominated for a Goldwater scholarship! The next step will be to submit for the national level competition. Congratulations and good luck Lexe!

- Lexe also won a College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Award. This award will support her to collect data on timing in choice tasks relating to markers of plasticity and activity. She will work on this project in the spring semester. Great work, Lexe!

Lexe West, Cornerstone's February Barista

November 2021

-RTD lab undergraduate Kourtney Rumback presented a talk at the Kansas Honor's Connections Conference at Emporia State University on November 13, 2021. Her talk focused on diet-induced impulsive choices in rats.

Kourtney Rumback 

-RTD lab undergraduate Lexe West was selected to receive a McNair scholarship. Lexe will be completing her McNair research project in the summer. Here's an announcement with more details.

-Our paper on "Hazard function effects on promoting self-control in variable interval time-based interventions in rats" was published in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. Congratulations to Carrie Bailey and Kelsey Panfil, who were co-first authors on the paper!

October 2021

-Catherine Steele published another part of her dissertation research in Appetite. The paper, entitled "The relationship between dietary fat intake, impulsive choice, and metabolic health" was Catherine's translation of the diet-induced impulsivity pre-clinical model that she developed early in her graduate training. Nice work Catherine!

September 2021

-Our NIMH R01 grant was renewed, starting on 9/1/21 for another 5 years of support ($1.86M total) to continue our work on time-based interventions to promote self-control. Drs. Travis Smith and Sally Davis are co-Investigators on this award. For the next five years, we will be examining the cognitive and neural mechanisms of the time-based intervention using cutting-edge behavioral methods, ultra-high field MRI, and chemogenetics. 

July 2021

-Kelsey Panfil received a Psi Chi Graduate Research Grant to support a project entitled "Effects of Time-Based Intervention Training on Neural Activity and Synaptogenesis." The award will $1500 in research support to aide Kelsey in collecting preliminary data for her dissertation research. Well done, Kelsey!

-The RTD lab is a sub-recipient on a Small Business Innovation Research award to support the development of a digitial therapy tool for translating our rodent time-based intervention to promote self-control. This award will support software development, validation testing, and a small-scale clinical trial with opiate use disorder patients. Our small business partner is NXTech, Inc., who specialize in developing digital applications for behavioral engineering.

-Dr. Kirkpatrick gave an invited talk at the annual meeting of the Merrill Advanced Studies Center in Nebraska City, NE. Her talk was focused on COVID-19 impacts on junior faculty research career development, drawing on her experiences as the COBRE director.

May 2021

-The RTD lab gave two virtual posters at the Society for Quantitative Analyses of Behavior annual conference, and a virtual invited talk at the parent meeting of the Association for Behavioral Analysis International.

March 2021

-RTD lab undergraduate Cathryn Haas will be staying at K-State for her graduate studies in Molecular Biology. She will be pursuing her PhD with Michi Toebler. Congratulations Cathryn, and good luck!

February 2021

-RTD lab undergraduate Kourtney Rumback is one of five undergraduates selected from across the university to represent K-State at the Kansas Undergraduate Research Days. This event showcases research to legislators at the Capital. Kourney will present research on the effects of high-fat diets on impulsive choices that forms a part of her microbiome project. Congatulations Kourtney! I'm sure you will do us proud!

-RTD lab undergraduate Anderson Fitch has accepted an offer for the graduate program at the University of Florida. Andy's senior project is examining the effects of time pressure and format (visual vs. textual) on impulsive decision making in people. He hopes to study decision making in the area of climate change and global warming. Good luck Andy!

January 2021

-Dr. Kirkpatrick was elected as a fellow of the American Psychological Association, Division 25. This division focuses on behavioral analysis research. Our lab has had two previous Division 25 dissertation awards (Andrew Marshall and Catherine Steele). Dr. Kirkpatrick was already a fellow of Divisions 3 and 6. 

2020 in Review

- 2020 was definitely an interesting year. In mid-March, COVID shut down the University. Our lab kept going, but we had to move all of our undergraduate research to remote format. We definitely missed having our students around. We did manage to attend a virtual conference in August. We published 2 papers and submitted 3 others, plus submitted a bunch of grants. We had a few students win awards. Cathryn Haas received a Sigma Xi Grant, Andy Fitch received an Arts and Sciences research award, and Kourtney Rumback received an OURCI award. Cathryn and Kourtney were both selected as Biology Most Promising students. We also had several students accepted into graduate/medical school programs. Kelsey Panfil completed her master's degree. And, Travis Smith was promoted to Research Assistant Professor. We all missed gathering in person for our lab meetings, but we managed on zoom okay.  On the whole, we remained productive and had some good successes this year. Congratulations to everyone for making it through! We're all looking forward to the possibility of in person work in the fall. Let's hope anyway!

December 2020

-RTD lab undergraduate Cathryn Haas received a Sigma Xi grant in aid of research. This grant will supply $1000 to assist in covering expenses for a new study Catheryn is helping to lead that will look at neuronal markers of activity and plasticity that may be modified by the time-based interventions. This study will start in January. Nice work Cathryn!

- Kelsey Panfil received her master's degree. She successfully defended in October. Kelsey will be continuing forward in our program and hopes to take her preliminary exams in the spring. Unfortunately, due to COVID, there was no commencement ceremony so we'll have the celebrate in 2021. Good luck with the next stage of your training Kelsey!

November 2020

- RTD lab undergraduate student Kourtney Rumback received an Office of Undergraduate and Creative Inquiry (OURCI) research award. Kourtney will use this award to work on an ongoing project looking at the microbiome role in diet-induced impulsivity. Great work Kourtney! 


October 2020

Dr. Travis Smith, who has been working in the RTD laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow since April 2018 was recently promote to Research Assistant Professor. Travis will now be able to apply for grants as a lead investigator as well as receiving some additional privileges as a faculty member. Congratulations Travis!


August 2020

- RTD lab undergraduate student Anderson Fitch has been selected to receive a K-State College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Award. This award will cover Andy's project examining decision time pressure and impulsivity in humans. Andy will be delivering different versions of the Kirby questionnaire under different time pressure situations to see if this affects decision making. This should be a great project and should help us to understand some new facets of impulsive decision making in humans. Congratulations Andy, and good luck with the project!

July 2020

- We had some very exciting news recently. RTD Lab undergraduate Kourtney Rumback was recently accepted into the University of Kansas Medical Center Rural Scholars MD training program. Kourtney will receive special training to ultimately work as an MD in a rural health setting. This program is a wonderful fit for Kourtney's career goals and was her top choice for medical school programs. Congratulations Kourtney!

May 2020

- Kourtney Rumback has been selected to receive a K-State College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Award. This award will cover her project on high-fat diet effects on microbiome constitution that she plans to conduct in the fall semester. This should be a great addition to our research on diet-induced impulsivity. Way to go Kourtney!

April 2020

- The lab is still working under limited operations with Kelsey, Aubrey and Travis doing the heavy lifting of keeping the studies running. So far, we're all keeping well and continuing to get things done.

- We had some excellent news to lift our spirits. RTD lab undergrads Kourtney Rumback and Cathryn Haas were BOTH selected for the K-State Division of Biology's Most Promising Study Award. We miss you both and are very proud of you!

March 2020

- Mid-March brought the corona virus to our area and some very sweeping changes. The University moved to on-line courses and shifted to essential operations. The RTD lab has been able to continue our ongoing studies, but under very restricted conditions. We had to suspend undergraduate involvement in our research, which was a very sad day for all of us. And, we had to rework a lot of our plans. But, we are carrying on and working hard to finish our essential research. And, we are working hard to manage our risks and take care of each other so we can all stay K-State Strong!

February 2020

- Kelsey Panfil and Dr. Kirkpatrick recently published a new blog post in the RTD lab Psychology Today blog. This post deals with gender effects on self-control. You can check it out here

- Former RTD lab undergraduate Annie Mains has been accepted into the School Psychology Program at KU where she will complete a master's degree. This has emerged as Annie's dream over the last couple of years and will be a great chance for her to pursue her idea career. We wish Annie all the best as she transitions to graduate school. Good luck Annie!

- Recent RTD lab PhD student Catherine Steele has accepted a tenure-track faculty position at Texas A&M International University. This is a medium-sized state university that is a part of the Texas A&M system located in Loredo, TX. Catherine will be setting up a human nutrition lab as well as teaching multiple courses in her field of expertise. Good luck Catherine!

January 2020

- Sarah Stuebing passed her boards exam for the DVM degree. Sarah is a DVM-PhD dual degree student in the RTD lab. Having now passed her boards, she is on track to graduate with her DVM in May and then return to the PhD program over the summer. We'll be excited to have her back in the lab soon. We're proud of you Sarah!

- Kelsey Panfil received a Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research! This will support her master's thesis data collection. They only fund 12-15% of applications, so this a very nice achievement indeed. Congratulations Kelsey!