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Department of Psychological Sciences

Members of the RTD Laboratory

Principal Investigator 

Kimberly Kirkpatrick

Kimberly Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. (e-mail)

Research Interests: Neural, psychological, and computational mechanisms involved in time processing, prediction error learning, reward processing, incentive motivation, and impulsive decision making. Interventions to promote self-control in humans and preclinical rodent models.

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Graduate Students



Sarah Stuebing (e-mail)

Research Interests: The behavioral and neural components of episodic-like memory loss and how these are affected by aging and dementia.  

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Kelsey Panfil 2018 


Kelsey Panfil (e-mail)

Research Interests: Impulsive choices in rat models of ADHD, sex differences in impulsive choices, interventions to promote self-control.  

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Robert Southern (e-mail)

Research Interests: Impulsive choice versus impulsive action, inhibitory effects on impulsive choices.

Research Staff

Travis Smith 2018  


Travis Smith (e-mail)

Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Interests: The effects of contingency-correlated (i.e., informative) stimuli on impulsive and risky choices. 

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