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Department of Psychological Sciences

Recent Publications

(** indicates student co-author)

**Stuebing, S. L., Marshall, A. T., **Triplett, A., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2018). Females in the forefront: time-based intervention effects on impulsive choice and interval timing in female rats. Animal Cognition, DOI: 10.1007/s10071-018-1208-9

Jennings, D., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2018). Temporal map formation in second-order conditioning. Behavioural Processes, 154, 60-72. 

Bailey, C., Peterson, J. R., **Schnegelsiepen, A., **Stuebing, S. L., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2018). Durability and generalizability of time-based intervention effects on impulsive choice in rats. Behavioural Processes, 152, 54-62. 

Kirkpatrick, K., Marshall, A. T., **Steele, C. C., & Peterson, J. R. (2018). Resurrecting the individual in behavioral analysis: Using mixed effects models to address nonsystematic discounting data. Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice, 18, 219-238. 

**Steele, C. C., Peterson, J. R., Marshall, A. T., **Stuebing, S. L., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2018). Nucleus accumbens core lesions induce sub-optimal choice and reduce sensitivity to magnitude and delay in impulsive choice tasks. Behavioural Brain Research, 339, 28-38. 

**Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2017). Reinforcement learning models of risky choice and the promotion of risk-taking by losses-disguised-as-wins in ratsJournal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition, 43(3)262-279.

**Steele, C. C., **Pirkle, J. R. A., & Kirkpatrick K. (2017). Diet-induced impulsivity: Effects of a high-fat and a high-sugar diet on impulsive choice in ratsPLoS ONE, 12(6), e0180510.

**Wang, M. Z., **Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2017). Differential effects of social and novelty enrichment on individual differences in impulsivity and behavioral flexibility. Behavioural Brain Research, 327, 54-64.

Kirkpatrick, K. (2017). Packet theory. In J. Vonk & T. Shackelford (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior (pp. 1-5). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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**Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2017). Accumbens D2: Raters of the Loss OutcomeLearning & Behavior, 45, 3-4. 

Peterson, J. R., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2016). The effects of a time-based intervention on experienced middle-aged ratsBehavioural Processes133, 44-51.

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Kirkpatrick, K., & Lazareva, O. (2016). Exploring animal minds: A tribute to the contributions of Edward Wasserman (editorial). Behavioural Processes, 123, 1-3.

**Smith, A. P., Peterson, J. R., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2016). Reward contrast effects on impulsive choice and timing in rats. Timing and Time Perception, 4, 147-166.

**Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2016). Mechanisms of impulsive choice: III. The role of reward processesBehavioural Processes, 123, 134-148.

**Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2015). Everywhere and everything: The power and ubiquity of time. International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 28, 1-29.

Peterson, J. R., **Hill, C. C., **Marshall, A. T., **Stuebing, S. L., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2015). I can't wait: Methods for measuring and moderating individuals in impulsive choiceJournal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization, 13, 89-99.

**Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2015). Relative gains, losses, and reference points in probabilistic choice in ratsPLoS ONE, 10, e0117697.

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Peterson, J. R., **Hill, C. C., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2015). Measurement of impulsive choice in rats: same and alternate form test-retest reliability and temporal trackingJournal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 103, 166-179.

**Smith, A. P, **Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2015). Mechanisms of impulsive choice. II. Time-based interventions to improve self-controlBehavioural Processes, 112, 29-42.

**Marshall, A. T., **Smith, A. P., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2014). Mechanisms of impulsive choice: I. Individual differences in interval timing and reward processing. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 102, 86-101.

Kirkpatrick, K., **Marshall, A. T., **Smith, A., Koci, J., & Park, Y. (2014). Individual differences in impulsive and risky choice: Effects of environmental rearing conditions. Behavioural Brain Research, 269, 115-127.

Kirkpatrick, K., **Bilton, T., Hansen, B. C., & Loschky, L. C. (2014). Scene gist categorization by pigeonsJournal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition, 40, 162-177.

Kirkpatrick, K. (2014). Interactions of timing and prediction error learningBehavioural Processes, 101, 135-145.

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**Garcia, A., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2013). Impulsive choice behavior in four strains of rats: Evaluation of possible models of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Behavioural Brain Research, 238, 10-22.

Galtress, T., **Garcia, A., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2012). Individual differences in impulsive choice and timing in rats. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 98, 65-87.

Galtress, T., **Marshall, A. T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2012). Motivation and timing: clues for modeling the reward system. Behavioural Processes, 90, 142-153.

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Galtress, T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2010). The role of the nucleus accumbens core in impulsive choice, timing, and reward processing. Behavioral Neuroscience, 124, 26-43.

Galtress, T., & Kirkpatrick, K. (2010). Reward magnitude effects on temporal discrimination. Learning and Motivation, 41, 108-124.

For articles published prior to 2010, please see Dr. Kirkpatrick's Research Gate page.