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Department of Psychological Sciences

RTD Lab Undergraduate Research Experience

The undergraduate research experience provided by the Reward, Timing and Decision Laboratory is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate researchers to learn about and engage in the research process. As a highly active behavioral neuroscience laboratory, there is never a dull moment. We offer a wide range of opportunities to learn new skills and research techniques in the field of behavioral neuroscience as well as acquiring important professional development skills for the next stage of your career.

We consider the training of undergraduate researchers to be integral to the objectives of the laboratory and we are committed to providing high quality training and professional development for undergraduate researchers interested in pursuing a career in the behavioral, neurobiological, or health sciences. The training and expectations are rigorous and challenging but there is always fun to be had in learning from and interacting with your peers. The opportunity to work in the RTD Laboratory conducting behavioral and neuroscientific research is a rare opportunity we relish the chance to offer.

Make sure to visit the "training opportunities" and "join the team" pages if you are interested in the opportunities on offer.

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