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Department of Psychological Sciences


 Lab photo DGF

The Reward, Timing, and Decision (RTD) Laboratory at Kansas State University (Department of Psychological Sciences) is led by Dr. Kimberly Kirkpatrick. Our main interests involve exploring the intersection of the three sub-systems that make up the reward system: the reward valuation and prediction sub-system, the timing sub-system, and the decision-making sub-system

We have several current projects that are examining these systems and their interactions. These projects include examining individual differences in decision making that arise from variations in timing and reward processing and the effects of environmental factors, genetic factors, and individuals’ diets on decision making, timing, and reward processing. We are interested in both impulsive and risky decision making and are examining factors that impact on both types of decision making.  We are also working on developing a neurocomputational model of the reward system. More recently, we have begun exploring decision-making in an open-field environment in relationship to episodic memory in rats. To find out more about these lines of work, see our current projects section of the web site.

WE ARE HIRING! The RTD Lab has an open position for a research associate. Interested candidates can apply through the application portal. Please contact Dr. Kirkpatrick (kirkpatr@ksu.edu) if you have questions about this opportunity.