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Student Guide to Help and Resources: One Stop Shop

Vice President for Student Life
Kansas State University
122 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-0102



Students, faculty and staff share the responsibility of keeping our campus safe and together work hard to have resources in place. The university community is guided by the Principles of Community, which describes the type of safe, supportive and caring community K-State seeks to foster.

Report unusual, threatening or dangerous behavior

Students can report suspicious behavior or concerns about fellow students to the Office of Student Life.

Receive emergency notifications

Sign up for K-State Alerts to notify you in case of an emergency. K-State Alerts will send you a text, email or voice message if there is an alert for your campus. Alert beacons, police public address system and website postings will warn the community in the event of a campus emergency.

Utilize the security measures on your campus

K-State Police

The K-State Police Department (Manhattan) and K-State Salina Safety and Security both have many officers that patrol their campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. K-State Police monitor numerous emergency phone call boxes located throughout our Manhattan and Salina campuses. Find the locations of the blue emergency phone boxes on your campus:

The Olathe campus is served by its own security staff.

Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian is an app for the K-State community that provides a direct connection to K-State police and other resources so that everyone can easily communicate all their safety needs.  Its easy-to-use features help you and your friends stay stafe every day.

Additional Manhattan campus resources
  • Use Wildcat Walk to escort you on campus at night. Call 785-395-SAFE or push one of the blue light emergency buttons.
  • SafeRide operated by Lyft provides all students on the Manhattan campus free or discounted late-night rides within the city limits during the eligible windows utilizing the Lyft app.

Resources to prevent sexual and domestic violence

The Center for Advocacy Response and Education (CARE) on the Manhattan campus provides information about the prevention of various forms of interpersonal violence and assistance in addressing the effects of sexual, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment.  This resources is available to all students, regardless of campus location.

Browse resources and tips for staying safe

The Office of Student Life provides resources and tips to protect yourself and others and to maintain a positive campus environment.

Important phone numbers

Manhattan Campus Police

Salina Campus Police

Olathe Campus Security

Office of Student Life

Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

Lafene Student Health Center


Wildcat Walk
785-395-SAFE (7233)