Getting started

Academic advising is a partnership between students and academic advisors. Here we will help you indentify your academic advisor, schedule an appointment, review student expectations and common reasons for meeting with an advisor.

Your Academic Advisor

All undergraduate students have an assigned advisor. To identify this person or persons, log into Navigate and locate the Resources button. Your advisor will be listed under the "People" link.

*If you are not able to reach your assigned academic advisor, please locate your college in the list below and either email or visit their office.

Scheduling an appointment

Current students may schedule advising appointments using Navigate or by emailing their advisor. To schedule a meeting through Navigate please:

  1. Log into Navigate
  2. On the left menu select "appointments"
  3. Click "Schedule an Appointment"
  4. In the first drop down select "Academic Advising"
  5. Select which type of service you are seeking
  6. Pick a date and find an available time
  7. Confirm final details and click "Schedule" at the bottom of your screen

Student Expectations

Once a semester, students are required to meet with their advisor to select classes for the subsequent semester.

Before your enrollment meetings with your advisor, you should:

  1. Prepare in advance by checking your current DARS report in KSIS to determine unfullfilled curriculum requirements and writing a list of questions you have for your advisor.
  2. Draft a class schedule before your advising appointment. We recommend you have a few alternates in mind in case your first choice is not available.
  3. Check out the Undergraduate Catalog to familiarize yourself with requirements for your major. The Undergraduate Catalog also describes K-State policies, procedures, and regulations.
  4. Get to know your advisor. The better you know your advisor, the more comfortable you'll feel to discuss your goals or any academic or personal issues that arise.

When to meet with an Academic Advisor

Students will need to meet with their advisor at least once a semester to discusse enrollment; however, you can meet with your advisor more time throughout the semester. Students often meet with their advisor to discuss:

  • Majors, minors, secondary majors, or certificates.
  • Withdrawing from a course
  • How to get involved on campus
  • Academic or personal challenges that are affecting their preformance
  • Study abroad or internship options
  • Academic or career goal setting