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Update on Student Access Center Operations

The physical SAC office is closed, at this time. However, the office is still open virtually and we will continue to serve students and faculty. In adherence to university directives, we have made adjustments to services. Read through the following information so that you are aware of the changes and can plan accordingly. Please note that the situation is fluid and the latest updates are posted at Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Updates

Faculty Information

For Students

Submitting documentation:

Students who need to submit documentation or completed forms should do so via email or fax. The office will respond via email. 

Shuttle service: 

The shuttle service is not operating until further notice.

Testing Center: 

The SAC Testing Center is closed for the semester including finals week. With the transition to the online environment, assessment may change depending on the course. Instructors should reach out to students with detailed instructions as to how the course will be conducted including assessment. We have removed test dates so that students will no longer receive automatic reminder emails. If you do receive an automatic reminder email from the Testing Center, please disregard.

Accommodations for online classes:

At this time, all on-campus classes are being transitioned to online for the rest of the semester, so accommodations may look differently in an online environment. Students are encouraged to read over their letter of accommodation and consider how or if the accommodations apply in the online environment. Some accommodations may no longer be relevant. That said, accommodations that are necessary to provide students equal access to course instruction, content, and assessment will be provided. SAC staff members are available by email to support students and instructors. 

Note-taking services:

If you have a volunteer note-taker in one or more of your courses, please wait until you hear from instructors on how they plan to adapt the course for the online environment. You may not need a note-taker if lectures are turned into pre-recorded videos. However, please notify the volunteer note-taker via email, if there is still a need.

Alternative text:

For those students with the accommodation of alternative text, you can submit requests via email. Staff will coordinate with individual students concerning the request. For those students needing text-to-speech, you can download Read and Write for both Windows and Macs.

 Exams in electronic format:

For those students who utilize text-to-speech, use the screenshot reader tool in Read and Write when taking an exam in Canvas. If you need a tutorial, there are video tours for most features in Read and Write including the screenshot reader tool. You can find the video tours by going to the main menu. 

Captioning requests:

There may be a greater need for captions with the online environment. We are working with instructors to ensure courses are accessible to students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. If you have course content that needs captions, contact the office via email. 

Additional Accommodations:

 If you feel there is an additional barrier or barriers with the online environment, email your access advisor to discuss the issue or email the office and your access advisor will respond. 

This is a time of uncertainty for all of us and major changes are taking place. We are here to support you during this transition period and in the future. Please note that many resources that you rely on have moved services online including Counseling Services. If you feel you need mental health support please call Counseling Services at 785-532-6927.