SGA 2024-2025
The students of Kansas State University, united in the belief that the goals of a democratic community can be furthered only by the citizenship habits, attitudes, skills and knowledge acquired through experience and that the degree of student development is likely to parallel closely the extent of responsibility which students carry for their own society, do adopt this Constitution for the Kansas State University Student Governing Association (KSU SGA).
#15 Student Government in the United States
Allocate $14 million+ to students every year
Advocate for Improvements to Student Life

Meet Your 2024-2025 Elected Officers!

These individuals were elected by the student body to advocate and represent students at K-State.


Upcoming Dates

Final Senate before Summer

April 25, 2024

First Session of New School Year

August 29, 2024

Get Involved!


Made up of 5 individual classes, there are 3 different sessions of Phase I that happen throughout the year to allow anyone to learn about SGA at any time, not just in the beginning of the semester. Phase II focuses on leadership development for the individual, organization, and campus at-large.
Have an issue you want to solve on campus? Reach out to your senator in your college to help you find ways to solve issues that pertain to students like you!


Student Senate Livestreams

Join us Thursdays @7pm to keep up with the latest SGA updates during Student Senate