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About the Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is responsible for reviewing matters of non-academic disciplinary complaints, violations of the K-State SGA Constitution, the Student Code of Conduct, interferences with students' rights and freedoms, and appeals of K-State Parking Services parking citations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure fair treatment of students and serve as a judicial authority for resolving complaints and appeals.

Judicial boards offer authoritative means to impose educational sanctions and levy disciplinary actions against students found in violation. The judicial system often serves as an avenue to have students held accountable by their peers and community. 

Our Focus

Our focus of the judicial branch is to foster the growth and development of individual students through the encouragement of self-discipline, accountability and responsibility to the community.

A respect for the rights, privileges, & education of others is the core of this philosophy. Responsibility for proper conduct is put upon the student – not the institution – with the assumption that most students do not try to intentionally cause violations, and will respect the rights and property of others.

Our Goals

Judicial Branch Structure

Attorney General & Deputy Attorney General

It is the duty of the Attorney General to preside over the Judicial Branch of SGA. Judicial authority is divided and controlled by the following boards: Student Tribunal, Student Review Board, Parking Citations Appeals Board and Ad Hoc Boards.

The SGA Attorney General appoints members to the above-mentioned judicial boards, and is also responsible for initial and on-going training of those boards. The Attorney General also determines which judicial boards shall be authorized to hear each case in consultation with the Dean of Student Life. 

The Deputy Attorney General is responsible for aiding the Attorney General in training members of the Judicial Branch, preparing an annual report for the KSU SGA regarding the state of the Judicial Branch, and assuming the duties of the Attorney General upon the temporary or permanent absence.

Contact Attorney General, Cathleen Cowell, or Deputy Attorney General, Hattie Polson, with any further questions.

Student Review Board

Student Review Board hears cases involving alleged or potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Review Board is comprised of a board of students, appointed by the Attorney General, as well as a Judicial Advisor. Further details on board composition can be found in the By-Laws.

The Student Tribunal

The Student Tribunal serves as a means for appealing judicial rulings and has the power to interpret SGA governing documents.

Duties of Student Tribunal:

  • Interpret the KSU SGA Constitution, By-Laws, Statutes, and Legislation, upon written request as mandated by the By-Laws (Article V, Section 6C). The interpretation should be (in order of priority):
    • Based primarily on the common understanding of the words and phrases.
    • Logically consistent with the remainder of the document.
    • Consistent with prior interpretations.
    • In the best interest of the Kansas State Student Body.
  • Try bills of impeachment passed by Student Senate, with the exception of judicial boards.
  • Hear appeals of decisions form the Ad Hoc Boards, SGA Elections Committee, and Student Review Board, with the authority to modify or overturn the decisions of such judicial boards.
  • Hear appeals from any committee created according to the legislative powers granted in Article V of the SGA Constitution when legislation specifies such an appeal.

Student Tribunal is comprised of a board of students, appointed by the Attorney General, as well as a Judicial Advisor. Further details on board composition can be found in the By-Laws.

Judicial Advisors

Andy Thompson & Laurel Moody serve as the Judicial Advisors for Student Review Board and Student Tribunal hearings. The Judicial Advisors are present during the hearings for consultation by any person on the hearing board. A Judicial Advisor also acts to protect the rights of the respondent and the complainant in ensuring that due process is protected and respected.

Should the board find the respondent in violation and move to the sanctioning stage, the Judicial Advisors are consulted in order to offer guidance on appropriate sanctions.

Contact Andy Thompson or Laurel Moody with any further questions.

Parking Citations Appeal Board

This board considers student, faculty, and staff appeals of Kansas State University Parking Services parking citations. Find out more at http://www.k-state.edu/parking/enforcement/.

Parking Citations Appeal Board is comprised of a board of students, appointed by the Attorney General, as well as faculty staff representation. Further details on board composition can be found in the By-Laws.

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