If you or someone you know is having a safety concern, please call Student Support & Accountability to schedule an appointment to discuss options and resources.


K-State Alerts

K-State Alerts is Kansas State University's emergency notification system that gives campus authorities the ability to communicate emergency information quickly to the university community using many different channels.

Wildcat Walk

If you are ever uncomfortable walking on campus alone, dial 785-395-SAFE (785-395-7233), and an escort will meet you and walk you to another on-campus destination or up to two blocks off-campus. If you are driving to campus you can arrange to be met in your parking lot and be escorted to the residence halls or another location. Simply call 395-SAFE (785-395-7233), or push one of the blue light emergency buttons found throughout the K-State campus. This service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Wildcat Walk is a service provided by the K-State Police Department.


The mission of the SafeRide Program is to save lives and prevent injuries and damage to property by offering students and their guests a safe alternative to drunken driving and other threatening situations.

Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for leading emergency prevention, preparedness, response, continuity and recovery efforts for Kansas State University. Our goal is to minimize the impact of emergencies, to protect life and property, and to restore the normal functioning of the university following an emergency.

Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian is a free app for the K-State Community which provides a direct connection to K-State Police and other resources to easily communicate their safety needs. It's easy-to-use features help you and your friends stay safe every day.