K-State Student Services

There are many offices on campus dedicated to providing services for students. These services are listed in the K-State Undergraduate Catalog and The One Stop Shop for Student Success. Descriptions of selected services for non-traditional students are as follows.

Academic Achievement Center

This office provides a variety of academic support services, including learning skills instruction, computer-assisted mathematics practice, academic counseling, credit by examination, entrance and professional examinations, and tutoring in a variety of K-State courses. Students experiencing academic difficulties are aided directly by a member of the Academic Achievement Center staff, or helped in locating the appropriate campus service or program. This office is located at 101 Holton Hall, call (785) 532-6492.

University Experience Course

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a nontraditional student, this time is filled with anxiety and excitement because you are taking an important step toward your future success. The University Experience course will help you find your way and give you the chance to:

  • Discuss common problems and concerns with other freshmen.
  • Find effective ways to make the transition from high school to college.
  • Discover how to gain the most from co-curricular activities.
  • Learn about K-State policies, procedures, and services.
  • Practice skills required for academic success such as time management and critical thinking.
  • Explore interests, academic strengths, values, and career goals.
  • Be exposed to diverse insights, strategies, and techniques that are essential to success in a multicultural world.

Career Center

This center has on-and-off campus job vacancy lists, on-campus interview scheduling, job counseling, salary information, as well as letter and resume writing assistance. This office sponsors a variety of career and employment fairs. In addition, this office offers periodic workshops and presentations to help students polish their job search skills. Placement services are also available for K-State alumni. Additionally, the Career Center has staff who can help you in deciding on a major. Want to know what a person with your degree can expect for employment and salary? Check out the Computerized Self-Assessment Career Guidance System or the self-directed DISCOVER computerized career planning program. The Career Center is located in the Berney Family Welcome Center, (785) 532-6506.

Off-Campus Housing Support

This service provides special assistance to students with needs concerning housing information, rental disputes, consumer credit, etc. It is located in the lower level of the Union in the office of Student Activities and Services, (785) 532-6541.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is located on the second floor of theEnglish/Counseling Services Bldg. It provides professional counseling assistance to K-State students with such concerns as career directions, managing stress, understanding sexuality, coping with crises and overcoming psychological problems. Often the counselors form groups to focus on common problems, such as eating disorders, shyness, stress management, test anxiety, or alcohol or substance abuse. Full-time students receive up to five free sessions as part of the student health fee and reduced prices for biofeedback. The Counseling Service charges nominal fees for additional services. Call (785) 532-6927 for additional information about University Counseling Services.

Educational Supportive Services

ESS is a federally funded program providing services to low-income, first-generation college, physically limited, learning disabled, and minority students. ESS students qualify for academic support services, including counseling (personal, career, academic and financial), academic pre-advising, individual tutorial assistance, and a variety of referral services. Call (785) 532-5642, 201 Holton Hall.

Health services/Lafene Health Center

The university assesses each student a health fee which entitles you to use all the services available at the Lafene Health Center from the time you register and pay your tuition until midnight the day before the next semester begins. All office visits at Lafene are covered by the fees. Charges for pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, and other services, such as Women's Clinic, Allergy Clinic, Biofeedback, Physical Therapy, and Dietary Counseling are provided at a reduced rate. Contact (785) 532-6544.

Lafene offers non-student spouses/partners health services for a special fee. Children are not included.

Student health insurance plan

The university offers an optional Group Health Insurance Plan for students. The plan offers group rates and encourages the use of the campus Lafene Health Center. Brochures explaining the policy are mailed to pre-enrolled students over the summer and are also available at the student health insurance office in the ground floor of the Union and at Lafene Health Center. Contact (785) 532-6546.

International Student Center

The International Student Center provides a comfortable atmosphere where people wanting to increase their international perspective can find new friends. The center includes a multipurpose meeting room, dining room, kitchen and reading lounge. Students from everywhere in the world pass through the center each day, sharing their cultures, traditions, recipes, language lessons and their common concern for what is happening in today's world. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to join in the programs and activities of the International Student Center and the various international student organizations. Contact (785) 532-6448.

Legal Services for students

An attorney for students is available to answer students' questions and concerns at no charge. This attorney can represent students in a courtroom and also is a source of information and advocacy. Located in the lower level of the Union – contact Student Activities and Services, (785) 532-6541.

LGBT Resource Center

The LGBT Resource Center at Kansas State University is dedicated to helping the LGBT students, staff, and faculty and members of the surrounding communities to be more secure, educated, and productive in their personal and professional surroundings. They are located at 207A/B Holton Hall, (785) 532-5352.

McNair Scholars Program

McNair Scholars Program is a federally funded program whose mission is to prepare students for graduate degrees and employment in higher education. This program offers academic and career advice, free content tutoring, research project opportunities, and assistance with graduate school planning and selection. If you are low-income, first generation college student, or a student from a group who is presently under-represented in graduate study, you may be eligible to be selected for this program, call (785) 532-6137, 201 Holton Hall.

Multicultural programs and services

This office works under the Office of Diversity and Dual Career Development with key elements of the university and community to support the goals of the broad racial and cultural diversity at K-State. A major thrust of the office is to support the recruitment and retention of students and faculty of color. The staff strives to create a campus environment that fosters both academic excellence and appreciation of diversity. The office is located at 204 Anderson Hall, (785) 532-6276.

Multicultural Student Organizations

The mission of this office is to build strong multicultural student groups, which foster the development of leadership skills and roles for K-State's ethnic minority students. Programming includes celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, Hispanic Awareness Month, Asian-American Awareness Month, and other off-campus and campus-wide activities. Emphasis is placed on encouraging and preparing multicultural students to seek leadership roles within the university community. This office is located at the K-State Union, (785) 532-6436.

Office of Student Life

This office is responsible for the Student Governing Association (SGA), student activities, leadership development, the administration of the judicial program for nonacademic misconduct, and for student crises. Staff members coordinate assistance to students and families in times of personal crisis and are available to students for general advice, counsel, and assistance with other problems. Call (785) 532-6432.

Complaint and grievance procedures

In an effort to address the needs of a diverse student body, the University has set guidelines under which everyone works. Non-traditional students occasionally feel they do not fit into these pre-set circumstances. If you feel you are not fitting in, make your thoughts known. Often, there are alternatives or exceptions which can be made.

If you have a justifiable complaint, the University establishes a Board of Appeal to address your concerns. See the student handbook section in the Campus Phone Book for the procedures. The Office of Student Life, 102 Holton Hall, consults with students regarding grievances.

Pilots Program

The Pilots Program engages first-year students with a diverse community of goal-oriented peers, facilitates individual academic guidance and assists students in developing a strong educational foundation. For more information, visit our website and/or call the program director at: (785) 532-6492.

Career Life Planning (EDCEP 502)

CLP is a two credit, full semester course that explores the A to Zs of career planning. The course begins with a personal assessment of your skills, preferences, and experiences. It helps you with the process of selecting a career and ends with a practice interview for a position. The one credit course, Major Decisions, begins mid-semester and deals with selecting a major or choosing an occupation depending on the student's needs.

Student Access Center

This office provides a broad range of supportive services to students with disabilities with the objective of total integration of the student into the college community. Services are provided through a wide range of modalities based on the student's needs for accommodations.

The university maintains a shuttle service for students with temporary or permanent disabilities. The driver can assist students to their classrooms. Some residence halls are accessible for single students who are mobility impaired and a few apartments have been adapted for the disabled.

Each student must provide verification of his or her disability in order to be eligible for academic accommodations. Contact Student Access Center at 202 Holton Hall, (785) 532-6441, for more information.

Student Activities and Services

The Student Activities and Services office is located on the ground floor of the Union. It sponsors many programs, funds a variety of student organizations, and serves as the students' public voice. The Student Governing Association (SGA) is the governing body which assists students in voicing concerns, suggestions, or grievances. Call (785) 532-6541.


The Academic Assistance Center (AAC) provides free tutoring in a variety of general courses to any interested student. This program is funded by the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) which is money allocated by the Student Governing Association (SGA). Students may drop in at the tutorial center located in 201 Leasure Hall or call (785) 532-5703 for more information. Also, talk to your instructors or the staff person in your offices for courses in which the AAC is not able to provide tutors.

Veterans Center

The Veterans Center exists to aid in the transition from active duty military service to postsecondary education by providing a centralized, coordinated effort to comprehensively meet the needs of veterans and military-affiliated students at Kansas State University. The center, which is part of the Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services office, is located on the ground floor of the Student Union, adjacent to Union Station. Hours of operation are 8 am - 5 pm, M-F. Call (785) 395-VETS(8387) for more information.

Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE)

CARE provides confidential, free, and voluntary services and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment. CARE Survivor Advocates are available to assist survivors in understanding and navigating university policies and procedures and helps promote the academic success and personal wellness of survivors. They are located at 206 Holton Hall, (785) 532-6444.