Pilots: A Freshman Academic Success Program

What is the Pilots Program?

Pilots is a year-long freshman retention program that provides academic structure, offers individual attention, and assists students in making a strong connection to the campus community

How do I qualify?

Check with your academic advisor to find out if you fit the Pilots academic profile.

Who is in Pilots?

  • Freshmen-level students who want a more structured first year as they make the transition to university life.
  • Students who wish to work closely with their teachers and staff.
  • Students who seek guidance and advice for early academic success.
  • Students who want early leadership opportunities.

What is the Pilots advantage?

  • Small class size
  • Class clusters
  • Access to faculty
  • Private computer lab
  • Structured tutoring
  • Peer Assistants
  • Writing Lab
  • Leadership training
  • Award opportunities

How do Pilots students perform academically compared to overall university freshmen?

When compared to non-participants of equal ability, Pilots students typically have higher GPA's and perform better in social science and math courses.

The Pilots advantage

Class clusters

Class clusters allow you to attend smaller classes with Pilots peers.

Access to faculty

Smaller class sizes allow greater access to caring, involved faculty members.

Computer lab and study areas

A computer lab is available for peer-directed studying and quiet, independent study.

Peer assistants

You'll have access to free tutoring from older, successful students who are available to help explain class material.

Study sessions from peer assistants are available individually as well as in groups.

Writing assistance

Writing labs, administered by instructors with experience teaching writing courses at K-State, help you with Expository Writing classes.

Award opportunities

Several Pilots scholarships and awards are available; you may also obtain help in filling out other scholarship forms.

A community within a community

Pilots students form bonds and friendships with other Pilots students, and they benefit from going through their freshman year together.

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Annual Pilots Awards Reception

Come join us in honoring our exceptional Pilots students and PAs!

April 30, 2014
Student Union, Little Theatre

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