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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services


Veteran Student Services & K-State Veteran Center

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on being a central point of information. Our goal is to provide opportunities and resources while addressing any questions or concerns about being a non-traditional, military connected student. We are committed to supporting and encouraging your journey to higher education. We can connect you not only to the campus, but also to the community. We value and appreciate the skills, talent, and knowledge that YOU bring to K-State!


Veterans Center

The K-State Veteran Center is a space for veteran students, and all military connected students. Employees of the university who are military connected are always welcome at the Center. We also would like to recognize them as important members of the military community on campus.  

The Veteran Center promotes and advocates for all military connected students. Military connected students include: veterans, spouses, students who were raised in a military family, and students who are current service members on either active, guard, or reserve status.

As an advocate for military connected students, the Veteran Center coordinates participation in: research, awareness, events, community support, and education. 

Contact the Military Student Services and Veteran Center Coordinator, Dominic Barnes at dombarnes@ksu.edu to inquire about opportunities to volunteer in advocacy for the military community at Kansas State University. 

The K-State Veteran Center is located on the second floor of the student union in room 217.

We are open from 7am-5pm Monday-Friday.


Flint Hills G.I. Rights Hotline

Get information and assistance on: Hardship Discharge, Medical Discharge, Sexual Orientation, Conscientious Objection, Entry Level Separation, AWOL/UA, Discrimination, Delayed Entry Program, and GI Rights.