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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services


Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional students are seeking to start or continue the pursuit of an undergraduate degree later in life rather than right after graduating high school.  Non-trads are students attend part-time, have family dependents other than a spouse, are a single parent, work full-time while enrolled, and are financially independent of their parents. 

Military-Connected Students

K-State Veteran Center - Student Union Room 217

Military-connected students represent 12-14% of the K-State student body and have been a continuous presence on the campus since 1863. The Veteran Center provides resources and a military-friendly lounge/study area in the Student Union for military-connected students. Military-connected students include: Veterans, Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve service members, Spouses, and Dependents. Connect with the k-state military community to relax, learn from peers, eat lunch and build connections with veteran employers.

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Global Campus

Online and distance educations can be completed completely online or as a hybrid with on-campus classes for Professionals, Military, and other Nontraditional students.