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Landowners Information about the Lesser Prairie-Chichen Project


DurationCarly and Liam holding a lesser prairie-chicken

July 2017 - December 2021



The Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands of southwestern Kansas and southeastern Colorado were strongholds for lesser prairie-chickens up until fairly recently. In 2013, however, severe weather struck and populations in the area crashed. The lesser prairie-chicken populations on the National Grasslands have not recovered since. 


How can you help?

As there are few lesser prairie-chickens left close enough to the National Grasslands to recolonize the area, a multi-agency collaboration between Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and Kansas State University has brought lesser prairie-chickens from northwestern Kansas to the National Grasslands. Since 2016, 250 lesser prairie-chickens have been released on the National Grasslands. Many have nested successfully and, should populations continue to grow, the lesser prairie-chickens released on the Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands may help to rebuild a healthy population in the unique Sand Sagebrush Prairie. We are currently looking for landowners in northwestern Kansas to allow us to trap lesser prairie-chickens on their land. Our trapping methods are non-invasive, and our take limits are set to minimize impact on the local populations.

If you would be interested in assisting the project, please contact

Liam Berigan


Carly Aulicky


Male Lesser Prairie-Chicken

Land Owner Appreciation

The Cooperative Research Unit’s work is not possible without the support of tremendous landowners. Two landowners involved in Kansas State University lesser prairie-chicken research have received awards for their land management practices.

Hashknife Ranch was a co-recipient of the 2018 CMPS Citizen’s Conservation Achievement Award

Hoeme Family Farm and Ranch Received the Kansas Leopold Conservation Award.

Drop net set and waiting to be deployed

LPC Cage

Liam doing vegitation measuring