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Cellular Devices for Business Purposes

Chapter 6330
Issued April 7, 2011

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Policy
.030 Additional Considerations
.040 Questions

.010 Introduction

This policy provides guidance to the University community regarding the procurement, use and possession of cellular devices (phones, PDAs, etc) owned by the university.   The policy and guidelines have been developed to ensure compliance with State of Kansas policies and IRS policies.

.020 Policy

 University funded cellular devices may be provided when a department head has determined that the use is appropriate and needed.

 All university funded cellular devices will be audited to ensure compliance to University and State policy.

 The appropriate department head may discontinue providing a university funded cellular device to an employee at any time.

.030 Additional Considerations
  1. All cellular devices and services that are paid for with university funds (regardless of source) must be approved on the basis of work assignments.
  2. Cellular service for devices that are contracted and paid for by the university shall include a monthly billing statement for use by the university showing each call, the date, time, length, billing charge and telephone number  of the other party, when such number is available.
  3. Inadvertent de minimis use will not be considered a violation to this policy. More than de minimis use will result in required reimbursement and the potential loss of cellular phone privileges.
  4. Each payment request should contain a statement on either the invoice, or the payment voucher that "use is in accordance with University policy". If the statement cannot be made, and personal use is reflected on the invoice, such use should be highlighted and noted as personal.   If personal use is deemed to exceed a de minimis amount, the employee must reimburse Kansas State University. The reimbursement is determined by applying the percentage of personal use determined against the invoice total.
.040 Questions

 Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Division of Financial Services, Accounts Payable at 785-532-6202.