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News Services

Chapter 3320
Revised June 3, 2010

Table of Contents

.010 General Information
.020 K-Statement
.030 Media Guide
.040 News and Feature Stories
.050 Breaking News
.060 Questions Relating to News Services

.010  General Information

News Services is the official outlet for print and broadcast news materials relating to K-State policies and administration. The mission of News Services is to foster a positive public awareness of the university and its functions through the general news media; serve as the primary media relations office of the university; and assist each university unit in carrying out its mission by supporting and assisting its communications efforts. News Services services are available to all K-State departments and activities.

.020  K-Statement

News Services is responsible for writing, editing and producing the university's faculty-staff newsletter, K-Statement. Deadlines for upcoming issues are published in each issue.

.030  Media Guide

News Services is responsible for writing, editing and producing a media guide for print and broadcast media, listing faculty members and their areas of expertise.

.040  News and Feature Stories

News Services is responsible for writing, editing and producing news and feature stories and tipsheets for print and electronic media. Timeliness is of critical importance, so everyone is encouraged to contact News Services well in advance of an event. News sent to the media prior to an event, award ceremony, etc., is much more likely to be used than news mailed afterward. News about student awards and honors is always useful to hometown news media. Student hometown information forms are available at News Services, 128 Dole Hall, or on the News and Editorial Services Web site.

.050  Breaking News

A major role of News Services is to assist the university community in handling breaking news. It is essential and the responsibility of each unit head to notify the news manager at News Services in the event of breaking news. Our ability to respond quickly aids the media in accurately covering news and events at K-State.

.060  Questions Relating to News Services

Questions should be phoned to News Services at 785-532-2535, or may be sent to media@k-state.edu.