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Questions relating to the information in each chapter of the Policies and Procedures Manual should be directed to the office issuing the chapter.

That information is usually located at the end of each chapter.

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University Publications

Chapter 3330
Issued October 18, 2000

Table of Contents

.010 General Information
.020 Priorities
.030 Services
.040 Requirements for all publications
.050 Printing
.060 Notice of Nondiscrimination
.070 University Logo
.080 University Seal
.090 Licensing of Kansas State University
.100 Study Guides
.110 Catalogs
.120 Campus Maps and Facts Brochures
.130 Questions

.010 General Information

The primary focus of University Publications is on priority publications for external audiences where our expertise and in-depth attention make a difference in the university's ability to meet its communication goals. 

University Publications is responsible for editing, designing, coordinating production for, and prioritizing publications used in the advancement of Kansas State University. Our staff of editors and designers provides professional assistance with concept, editing, design, format, artwork, type specification, photo selection, cost and time estimates, and production coordination for all types of publications.

Our emphasis is on developing long-term package designs for our university clients, where our involvement begins with discussing client needs and developing concepts. These projects need not necessarily be high-dollar projects but can be projects where the challenge is to plan a comprehensive and effective package for our client with limited resources.

Our emphasis is also on projects for external, rather than internal, audiences, particularly for recruitment.

.020 Priorities

To enable us to give in-depth attention to major projects, full publications services are provided according to the following priorities:

  1. Enrollment management and admissions publications.

  2. All-university academic support publications: university catalogs and commencement programs.

  3. College and department publications specifically intended to recruit new students.

  4. High visibility publications designed to raise awareness of or support for the university and its concerns among the general public or targeted off-campus influence groups.

  5. Other external publications of the university, as time and workload permit.

.030 Services

Our range of services includes:

    • Planning and early consultation
    • Cost and time estimates
    • Editorial assistance
    • Design/layout
    • Selection of photographs
    • Illustration and artwork
    • Type specification
    • Limited proofreading

Because of the volume of work handled by our office and because we are a publications office rather than a general art-design agency, our staff does not provide the following services:

    • Extensive copywriting
    • Research
    • Detailed, time-consuming illustration
    • An unlimited number of designs
    • One-time display charts/graphs/signs
    • Banners
    • Classroom audiovisual materials
    • Handlettered posters
    • Overhead projection slides
    • Displays
    • Reproduce or draw cartoons
    • Clean up or alter other existing artwork
    • Reproduce poor quality photos 

.040 Requirements for all Publications

All K-State publications must contain a K-State logo and a notice of nondiscrimination, regardless of source of funding; the office that edits, designs, or coordinates production of the publications; and the location of printing.

.050 Printing

By Kansas law, all projects paid for with state funds must be printed at K-State Printing Services. If K-State Printing Services cannot print your project because of equipment restrictions or time frame, contact K-State's Purchasing Office for further instructions.

.060 Notice of Nondiscrimination

All publications used to publicize programs and activities, to recruit and enroll students, and to recruit employees must include the notice of nondiscrimination, as required by both federal and state legislation and university policy.

For instance, some of the publications required to include the notice are college and department brochures and posters used to recruit undergraduate and graduate students; newsletters, including those for students or alumni; and conference brochures.

The notice must appear on publications regardless of funding source, the office that edits or designs the publication, or location of printing.

Any exceptions to this policy must be addressed to the director of Unclassified Affairs and University Compliance. University Publications and K-State Printing Services staff have no authority to exempt any publication from required usage.

Extension programs have a separate federally mandated notice. For details, contact the publications coordinator, Department of Communications, 2-5804.

Changes in the notice are issued by Unclassified Affairs and University Compliance. Current copies of the notice are available from University Publications, 2-6419, and Unclassified Affairs and University Compliance, 2-4392. If your publication is printed at K-State Printing Services, they can add the statement.

If you have any questions about the inclusion of the notice of nondiscrimination on your publications, contact the director of University Publications at 2-6419.

.070 University Logo

The Kansas State University logo must appear on all publications. It must also appear on all letterhead, envelopes, and business cards in a standard format. Copies of the guidelines are available from Communications and Marketing.

Copies of the current logo are available from University Publications and K-State Printing Services. If your publication is coordinated by University Publications or K-State Printing Services, these offices can place your logo on your publication.

.080 University Seal

The university seal was designed to be used on diplomas and official documents and for other official purposes.

Two versions of the seal exist. The seal that reads "Kansas State University of Agriculture and Applied Science" is the official version and may be used only with the permission of the director of University Publications. The seal reading "Kansas State University, February 16, 1863" may be used without permission.

Copies of the seal are available from University Publications and from K-State Printing Services.

.090 Licensing of Kansas State University Logos

Kansas State University is the owner of all rights, title, and interest in its name and marks/logos, and any use of these marks is controlled under a licensing program administered by K-State's director of licensing.

For questions about logo licensing, contact the director of licensing at 2-6269.

.100 Study Guides

Study guides are 8 1/2 x 11" two-sided information sheets on academic departments used by the Office of Admissions in its recruiting efforts. In general, one study guide is printed per academic department. Departments are welcome to order copies at their expense. All study guides are updated once a year, usually in the spring. All orders for study guides must be placed directly with University Publications.

.110 Catalogs

The undergraduate and graduate catalogs are both two-year catalogs and are printed on alternate years.

Undergraduate catalogs are provided to new students by the Office of Admissions and to faculty by University Publications.  Copies for other uses may be purchased at the K-State Union Bookstore.

Graduate catalogs are provided to new students and faculty by the Graduate School.  Copies may also be purchased at the K-State Union Bookstore.

.120 Campus Maps and Facts Brochures

Campus maps and facts brochures are available from University Publications in bundles of 100.

.130 Questions

If you have questions about publications, call University Publications at 2-6419.