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Recruitment and Selection for Classified Positions

Chapter 4410
Revised August 23, 2012

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Statutes, Regulations, and Policies
.030 Types of Classified Jobs
.040 Types of Classified Recruitment
.050 Recruitment Procedures for Classified Positions
.060 Screening, Interviewing and Selecting
.070 Special Considerations in Recruiting
.080 Temporary Positions
.090 Record Keeping
.100 Recruitment Forms and Guidelines
.110 Questions

.010 Introduction

The Employment Services unit in the Division of Human Resources is responsible for managing the recruitment and hiring of all classified positions at Kansas State University (K-State). The purpose of this chapter is to identify procedures for recruitment of classified positions.

.020 Statutes, Regulations and Policies

The Kansas Administrative Regulations, Articles 2, 4, and 6.

Kansas State University Policies and Procedures Manual, Chapters 4210 and 4460.

Division of Personnel Services Memorandums/Bulletins: 
January 29, 2003, Options for Backfilling for Persons on Military Leave (pdf)
Bulletin No. 08-01 Veterans' Preference Policy

.030 Types of Classified Jobs

There are five types of classified jobs, referred to as positions:

  1. Regular Full-Time Position
  2. Regular Part-Time Position (.9 or less)
  3. Limited-Term Position (Pre-determined end date)
  4. Nine-Month Position (School Position)
  5. Temporary Position (Restricted to 999 hours per year)

Recruitment for each type of position is identical except for Temporary Positions (see Section .080) that do not require advertising or formal position descriptions. Employment Services must approve the process and selection for temporary positions. Full discussion on types of positions is available inPPM 4210.

.040 Types of Classified Recruitment

The Employment Services Unit manages all recruitment actions for current Kansas State University employees (internal vacancies) and for prospective employees (external vacancies open to all eligible persons). The Employment Services Unit works in concert with the Office of Affirmative Action in the recruitment process. Affirmative Action (AA) policies and procedures regarding recruitment and selection are available at the AA web site.

Current K-State employees can apply for any position for which they meet the minimum qualifications, whether the position is at a higher pay grade (promotion), a lower pay grade (voluntary demotion), or at the same pay grade (lateral transfer). Only promotions result in a pay increase. An employee who applies and is selected for a position with a lower pay grade will receive a minimum one-step pay reduction. Employees who transfer to another position within the same pay grade must be paid at their current level (step) of pay.

There are three types of recruitment:

  1. External: Recruitment is open to all State of Kansas employees and applicants from the general public who meet the minimum requirements. External announcements generally produce the most applicants.
  2. Internal (Agency only): Recruitment restricted to current employees of Kansas State University, i.e., (Classified, Unclassified, Temporary and Students) and those holding Kansas Employee Preference (Section .070) status. An internal vacancy will be announced on the K-State Human Resources website, State of Kansas website, Kansas Works website and the K-State Job-Line phone service (785) 532-6271. Limiting the vacancy to internal applicants will lower the number of applicants in the pool. If fewer than seven apply, the department will be required to open the recruitment externally.
  3. Internal: Recruitment is open to all current State of Kansas employees and those holding Kansas Employee Preference.

.050 Recruiting Procedures for Classified Positions

Prior to Recruitment

Before recruitment can begin, Position Administration must approve the classification of an allocated position (new), or in the case of an established position, review the current classification and its last analysis date. Complete information on allocations, reclassifications and annual updates of positions is available in PPM Chapter 4210 (.040), or contact Position Administration at 532-6277. Resignations require a letter from the employee indicating the termination date.

Steps to Initiate Recruitment

Departments initiate the recruitment process with Employment Services. Recruitment begins with completion of the Request for Certified Names, PER-5 (pdf). Information needed to complete the PER-5 is available on the position description for the vacant position. Employment Services will review the document and contact the department prior to posting if necessary.

  1. Vacant position:
    If recruiting for a vacant position, review the current position description. If it is older than one year but still current, submit an Annual Review form (PER-26 (pdf)) to Position Administration. If it is not current, revise and submit the position description (DA 281-2 Special (pdf)) to Position Administration. Classification actions for recruitment are handled expeditiously, but review time must be built in to the process. 
    Submit a PER-5 (pdf) and the Initial Screening form, AA-28 (pdf) outlining the screening criteria and Interview Questions to Employment Services.
  2. New position: 
    Complete allocation process for a new position according the department and college processes as well as those for Human Resources. See PPM Chapter 4210 (.040) for applicable information. Once completed, submit a PER-5 (pdf), Request for Certified Names, the Initial Screening form,AA-28 (pdf) outlining the screening criteria and Interview Questions to Employment Services.
Advertisements and Postings

External vacancies in the Manhattan area will be advertised in the Sunday edition of two newspapers: The Manhattan Mercury and the Junction CityDaily Union. Vacancies at K-State Salina will be advertised in the Salina Journal; vacancies in other areas will be advertised in a local newspaper. Employment Services will submit all advertisements to the newspapers in a standard format. Departments will be billed directly from the newspapers. The cost of advertising is split evenly among all the departments advertising for that issue. Along with postings on the K-State Employment Opportunities website and the State of Kansas Employment Website, additional advertising is not usually necessary.

Employment Services manages recruitment requests daily and does not impose a deadline for submission. Many factors will contribute to when a vacancy is posted and advertised. PER-5s will be processed as soon as possible. For planning purposes, the following schedule is provided:

  • Wednesday-Vacancies are listed statewide on the State of Kansas Employment Website and Kansas Works.
  • Thursday-Vacancies appear online at the Employment Opportunities
  • Sunday-Advertisements appear in The Manhattan Mercury and the Junction City Daily Union or a local newspaper outside of Manhattan.
  • 2nd Thursday-Vacancies close on the Thursday after they appear in the Sunday paper.
  • Following requisite posting period, Employment Services staff will verify that applicants meet minimum requirements, after which those applicants become candidates for the position.
Canceling Recruitment

If circumstances arise when a recruitment in progress needs to be cancelled, the department must contact Employment Services. The department with the vacant position should notify all applicants that the recruitment has been cancelled or postponed.

Subsequent Recruitments

If a department recruits for a vacancy that is the same classification as another vacancy filled within the past 60 days, a second candidate may be selected from the same group of applicants with permission from Employment Services. The last date on which applications were accepted for the first vacant position starts the 60-day period. Contact Employment Services before proceeding with this option.

.060 Screening, Interviewing and Selecting

All applicants must apply through the Division of Human Resources. Employment Services will check for completeness of documents and offer assistance to applicants. Departments should refer any calls from applicants to Employment Services at 532-6277.

Applicant Lists

Once a vacancy has closed, Employment Services will certify that applicants meet the minimum requirements for the classification. Once an applicant is certified, the applicant becomes a candidate for the open position. Departments will receive a list of all qualified candidates along with all original documents submitted by candidates, which must be returned upon hiring a new employee.

Initial Screening of Candidate Documents

Employment Services certifies all candidates as meeting the minimum requirements. As such, departments must consider all candidates in the screening process, using the preferred criteria set forth on the Initial Screening form, AA-28 (pdf). This tool allows departments to rate applications based on those qualifications beyond the minimum requirements, i.e. the preferred selection criteria. Caution must be taken to ensure that the preferred knowledge, skills and abilities used to screen are actually needed in the job. Selection criteria must be applied equally to all candidates. This process is necessary to identify the top candidates through a structured process based on a point system. The AA-28 form becomes very important should any questions arise as to the selection process used to determine those selected for interviews.

K-State requires at least three candidates be interviewed though it is recommended that departments interview 5-7 individuals. In the unlikely event that no candidates match the preferred screening criteria, Departments should contact Employment Services for guidance.

Reference Checks

References for candidates selected for interview should occur after the interview has taken place. Sample questions for reference check are available at Reference Check Guidelines.

Interviewing and Conducting the Interview

The names of candidates selected for interviews must be submitted for approval to the Office of Affirmative Action along with a completed Initial Screening of Candidates form, (AA-28) prior to scheduling interviews. The Selection Report form, PER-10 (pdf) will be fully completed after a hiring decision has been made. Departments must obtain permission to hire candidates of choice from Affirmative Action prior to extending an offer.

Interviewing begins with preparation of job-related and employment reference questions for candidates. Each candidate must be evaluated on the same set of prepared questions. This becomes increasingly important as candidates are eliminated from consideration. Complete interview guidelines, including suggested questions, are available at Employment Services Guide to Interviewing and at Affirmative Action's Guidelines for Interviews.


Other than mandatory drug and alcohol testing conducted by Employment Services, Kansas State University does not allow the use of performance tests, whether physical or written, as selection instruments. See Section .070.


Kansas State University is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or other non-merit reasons, in employment (including employment of disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam Era), as required by applicable laws and regulations.

The Department must contact Affirmative Action with the names of the top candidates to which they wish to extend a job offer prior to offering any candidate a position.

If the candidate accepts the offer, complete the PER-10 and return to Affirmative Action. If the candidate does not accept, proceed to offer the position to the next candidate identified to Affirmative Action as a potential hire.

Once the selection is complete, begin the hiring process. The employment offer is contingent on successful completion of criminal Background Check. Appointment information for classified employees is available at the Division of Human Resources website.

The department has an obligation to notify all non-selected candidates that the position has been filled.

Acting Assignments

This type of appointment may take place in the event of a pending recruitment or extending medical leave of absence of another permanent employee. The minimum timeframe is 30 days and the maximum is one year. Prior approval must be obtained by the Appointing Authority, through Employment Services.

Above Step hire

Individuals may be appointed above the entry level (step) based on the fact that they have exceptional qualifications relevant to the position. The hiring department must submit a written request and obtain approval prior to offering the candidate the higher starting salary.

Request for additional names

Departments may request additional names be added to their initial Certified Applicant Summary. This type of request may be needed if the candidate of choice declines the offer and no other candidates are viable choices or the department has exhausted its pool of candidates.

.070 Special Considerations in Recruiting

Kansas Employee Preference Program

An employee who has been laid off by a State agency may be eligible for Kansas Employee Preference if they meet the minimum requirements for the position. If a department's pool of applicants includes one of these employees, mandatory restrictions apply. Employment Services Staff will contact departments in these instances.

Veterans' Preference

Candidates who qualify for Veterans' Preference and meet the minimum requirements and who receive a rating greater than zero in each of the preferred selection criteria must be offered an interview and considered for the position, regardless of their total score or their average score.

Drug Screening, Alcohol, and Controlled Substance Testing for Commercial Drivers and Safety Sensitive Positions
Commercial Driver Positions

All announcements for positions requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL) will contain a statement that alcohol and controlled substance testing is required as a condition of employment.

Safety Sensitive Positions

All announcements to recruit applicants for designated safety sensitive positions, as law enforcement officers authorized to carry firearms, will contain a statement that drug screening is required at the time an offer of employment is made. Offers of employment are contingent upon successful passing of the relevant substance testing.

.080 Temporary Positions

Departments needing to hire a temporary employee must obtain prior approval from Employment Services. Temporary employees must meet the minimum requirements for the positions they fill. If the temporary need is not to fill a vacant position, the Department must first obtain approval for the classification to be used from Employment Services. Temporary positions are generally established at the lowest range in a classification.

Temporary employees may not work for K-State more than 999 hours in a 12-month period, whether it is in one position or multiple positions. All hours, including overtime, count toward the 999 hours maximum. Temporary hires employed for six months or more must successfully complete abackground check prior to working.

.090 Record Keeping

Original application materials are forwarded to hiring departments at the close of the job listing. (See .060). These original documents, along with a copy of the PER-10 must be returned to Employment Services within 10 days of hiring the selected candidate. Departments should keep copies of recruitment materials for their records.

.100 Recruitment Forms and Guidelines

All forms and guidelines mentioned in this chapter are available through the K-State Human Resources Employment website or the Affirmative Actionwebsite.

.110 Questions

Questions concerning this chapter should be directed to Manager, Employment Services, 785-532-6277. Please visit the Employment Services website for interviewing guidelines and other selection instruments.