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OSAS Political Activities and Guidelines

Chapter 8560
Issued May 27, 2009

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Using Campus Facilities
.030 Using Residence Halls
.040 Using the Jardine Apartment Complex
.050 Using the K-State Student Union
.060 Literature Distribution on Campus
.070 Posting On Campus
.080 Electronic Mail
.090 Major Candidate Visits
.100 Other Regulations
.110 Questions

.010 Introduction

The students, faculty, and administration at Kansas State University encourage all members of the University community to take advantage of any and all opportunities to educate themselves regarding the candidates and issues relating to national, state, and local elections. A responsible citizen is an informed citizen. In order to provide the best possible forum for political information, please note the following guidelines for political activities are provided by the Office of Student Activities and Services (OSAS), K-State Association of Residence Halls, the K-State Student Union, the Associate Vice President of the Division of Facilities, and the Kansas Board of Regents.

.020 Using Campus Facilities

  1. State facilities are not available for fundraising events for candidates or parties.
  2. Facilities of institutions under the Kansas Board of Regents may be made available within the policy for use of facilities of the institution for the purpose of holding political meetings provided: there is no interference with regularly scheduled functions; there is not otherwise available a reasonable facility in the community; students are permitted to hear the speakers without charge; and the sponsors pay in advance the regular fees for use of the facilities.
  3. Political office holders and candidates shall not be introduced or recognized on campus unless they are participating in the campus event which they are attending.
  4. Political advertisements shall not be permitted in enclosed areas of campus devoted primarily to instruction or in other enclosed areas during non-political events. The distribution of political handbills shall be prohibited in those areas devoted primarily to instruction or study or at the immediate sites and times of enclosed public events.
  5. Use of facilities on campus is subject to the approval of the Associate Vice President for the Division of Facilities.

.030 Using Residence Halls

  1. Door-to-door campaigning will not be allowed.
  2. Campaign materials will not be allowed in common areas of residence halls or dining center areas except in a resident's room with the permission of roommate(s). Any damages caused by the posting of campaign material will be the responsibility of the residents therein.
  3. As designated by each individual Hall Governing Board, all candidates must be allowed opportunity for equal time and publicity when speaking, if any candidate is allowed to speak.
  4. To speak to the ARH/HGB of the residence halls, a candidate must contact the ARH/HGB President and arrange a speaking time in advance. A candidate will not be allowed to arrive at a meeting and speak to a group without the ARH/Hall President's prior approval.
  5. Before speaking with hall residents in any public area of the hall (other than at an HGB meeting), a candidate must receive prior permission from the floor president of the floor on which he/she wishes to speak.
  6. Campaigning (whether verbal, oral, or written in the form of posters, flyers, letters, etc.) by a candidate and/or his/her representative(s) will not be allowed in the dining center areas. The only exception shall be items of personal clothing and buttons worn by an individual.
  7. The use of the dining center areas for political forums or debates sponsored by the hall's HGB or by ARH must be approved by the appropriate dining center unit head dietitian or his/her designated representative and the KSU ARH advisor.
  8. Solicitation of funds for political organizations or candidates will not be allowed within the residence halls or dining center.

.040 Using the Jardine Apartment Complex

  1. No solicitor or salesperson shall be given access to the premises except with the written permission of the Residents' Council. Residents are requested to notify Housing and Dining Services of violators of this regulation.
  2. Distribution of political information and/or posters will be allowed only in areas designated by the Residents' Council and Jardine Apartments Coordinator.
  3. Sponsorship and arrangements for appearance will be required before any political organizations or candidates will be allowed to hold meetings or rallies.

.050 Using the K-State Student Union

  1. The K-State Student Union has its own regulations for posting and maintaining its own posting areas.
  2. The only political literature that can be distributed is from behind a table sponsored by a registered student organization.
  3. The usage of any meeting rooms by any political party will follow guidelines as outlined in Section I-B for campus facilities.

.060 Literature Distribution on Campus

  1. Registered student organizations may distribute literature on campus or in any campus building (with approval of the authority of the building), providing such distribution does not reasonably interfere with the movement of traffic, classes, or other scheduled activities.
  2. A non-registered group or individual may distribute literature only in the area between Seaton Hall and the K-State Student Union, in the quadrangle north of Hale Library, or in the quadrangle east of Calvin Hall.
  3. Placing notices in or on parked cars in campus parking lots is prohibited.

.070 Posting On Campus

Non-registered student organizations or individuals are not permitted to post notices on campus. Registered student organizations may post according to the K-State Publicity Regulations (available in the Office of Student Activities and Services).

.080 Electronic Mail

Registered student and campus organizations such as the College Republican Clubs or the Young Democrats may use their membership listservs to notify members of meetings, speeches, or rallies. Faculty members may use electronic systems for course-related discussions of political topics. Individuals may use email to exchange ideas and opinions, including those dealing with political issues. The latter is generally considered an incidental use of the e-mail system. However, University information technology resources, including e-mail, may not be used to support partisan political candidates or party fundraising. This statement is consistent with Kansas law and Board of Regents policy on political activity.

.090 Major Cadidate Visits

Campus visits by major candidates must be coordinated through the Office of the President, Director of Governmental Relations to insure that proper and adequate arrangements have been made to accommodate security, press, crowd, etc.

.100 Other Regulations

Political activities organized by any student organization, individual, or candidate must follow all other university, city, state, or federal regulations that apply.

.110 Questions

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of Student Activities and Services, 809 K-State Student Union, 532-6541.