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Official Bulletin Boards

Chapter 3045
Revised May 6, 2013

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Statutes and Policies
.030 Policy
.040 Procedures
.050 Bulletin Board Required Content
.060 Bulletin Board Optional Content
.070 Questions
Appendix A

.010 Introduction

Kansas and federal law requires state agencies to designate and maintain official bulletin boards for the display of relevant, current administrative and personnel information of interest to employees. Such boards are to be in areas easily and regularly accessible to all employees.

.020 Statutes and Policies

Following is a listing of Kansas statutes and KSU policies or directives relevant to the placement of notices on official bulletin boards:

Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.) 75-2973.

Kansas State University Affirmative Action Plan.

.030 Policy

Each dean, department head, director of an academic or administrative department/work unit, extension area office, and branch experiment station will designate an authority that is responsible for establishing an official bulletin board and assuring the required documents are properly posted and up-to-date.

.040 Procedures

Deans, department heads and directors are responsible for: 
a) designating the location of an official bulletin board; 
b) complying with all legal posting requirements; and 
c) assuring the establishment and maintenance of an easily and regularly accessi ble official bulletin board for all employees within their department/work unit.

The official bulletin board will contain required documents and may contain informational documents.

The Division of Human Resources will maintain a listing of the personnel related and information required for posting on the official bulletin boards.

The Affirmative Action Office will maintain a listing of the EEO policies and guidance for compliance with the legal posting requirements.

.050 Bulletin Board Required Content

The official bulletin board shall contain the documents outlined in Appendix A, which follows this chapter. Each document listed is linked to the required poster.

.060 Bulletin Board Optional Content

The following informational documents are beneficial for posting; however, they are not required:

  • KSU Classified Position Vacancy Announcements
  • Yearly Holiday Schedule
  • KSU Employee Relations and Training Program Announcements
  • Emergency Phone Numbers (pdf)
  • KSU Employment Opportunities

.070 Questions

Contact the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277 with any questions or for further information.