Committees on Planning

4000   Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning (FSCOUP)

Steven Graham, Agriculture
Jason Brody, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Jim Sherow, Arts & Sciences
TBA, Business Administration

Brad Burenheide, Education
John Devore, Engineering
Joel DeRouchey, Extension
Heather Reed, General University

Barbara Anderson, Human Ecology- CHAIR
Diana Farmer, K-State Libraries
Drew Smith, K-State Salina
Mark Weiss, Veterinary Medicine

Eli Schooley, Student Body President
Jim Bloodgood, Past president of Faculty Senate

Non-voting Attendees: Lynn Carlin, Representative for the Provost

Considers matters related to the allocation of resources at the University level. Participates with the President of the University in any decisions dealing with reductions in unclassified positions during a period of financial stress or financial exigency. Monitors involvement of faculty in the planning process throughout the University, but especially through College Committees on Planning (CCOP) and/or College Planning Advisory Groups (CPAG).

4001   Agriculture (CCOP only)

Allen Featherstone, Ag Economics
Ted Cable, Hort, For & Recr Res
Srini Kambhampati, Entomology
Dallas Peterson, Agronomy

Jeff Stevenson, Animal Sciences
Neal Wollenberg, Communications
Yong-Cheng Shi, Grain Science
Xiaoyan Tang, Plant Pathology

4002   Architecture, Planning & Design (CCOP/CPAG same)

Wendy Ornelas, Chair, ex officio
Sharon Hartwich, ex officio
Damon Fairchild, Director of Development
Robert Condia, FSCOUP

Lorn Clement, 2015
Larry Lawhon, 2015
David Richter-O'Connell, 2015
David Sachs, 2013

4003   Arts & Sciences (CCOP/CPAG same)

Elections are held in October

Humanities & Fine Arts Group
Don Hedrick (AY 10-11)
Sue Zschoche (AY 11-12)
Robert Clark (AY 12-13)
Social and Behavioral Sciences Group
Tori Dickinson (AY 10-11)
Donald Saucier (AY 11-12)
Robert Schaeffer (AY 12-13)
Quantitative and Natural Sciences Group
Dave Rintoul (AY 10-11)
Pietro Poggi-Corradini (AY 11-12)
Charles Moore (AY 12-13)

4004   Business Administration (CCOP only)

(Year indicates when the year ending the appointment.)

Jaebeom Suh, Marketing, CHAIR (2013)
Chairat Chuwonganant, Finance (2014)
John Morris, Accounting (2014)
Bente Janda, Advising Office (2013)
Bruce Prince, Management (2013)

4005  Education- Executive Committee (CCOP/CPAG same)

Kimberly Staples, Curriculum and Instruction, CHAIR
David Thompson, Educational Leadership
Jeff Zacharakis, Educational Leadership
Judy Hughey, Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs

Warren White, Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs
Leah McKeeman, Curriculum and Instruction
Diane Murphy, Center for Student and Professional Services

4006   Engineering (CCOP only)

Carl Riblett, ARE/CNS (AY 2013)
Kyle Douglas-Mankin, BAE (AY 2014)
Peter Pfromm, ChE (AY 2012)
Alex Mathews, CE (AY 2012)

Scott DeLoach, CIS (AY 2014)
Dave Soldan, ECE (AY 2013)
Warren White, MNE (AY 2014)
David Ben-Arieh, IMSE (AY 2013)

Keith Hohn, Ex Offcio, FSCOUP
Gary Clark, Ex Officio, Executive Committee
David Carter, Ex Officio, Extension (AY 2012)

4007   Human Ecology (CCOP only)

Charlotte Shoup-Olsen, At-Large Rep, CHAIR (AY 10-11)
Shawna Jordan, At-Large Rep, CHAIR-ELECT (AY 12-13)
Michael Dudek, ATID Rep (AY 12-13)
Bob Garcia, FSHS Rep (AY 10-11)

Karen Pence, HE Rep (AY 11-12)
Mark Haub, HN Rep (AY 11-12)
Betsy Barrett, HMD Rep (AY 10-11)
Peggy Honey, FSCOUP Rep (AY 11-12)

4008   Veterinary Medicine (CCOP/CPAG same)

Frank Blecha, Anatomy & Physiology
Mike Apley, Clinical Sciences
M. M. Chengappa, Diagnostic Med/Pathobiology
Michael Cates, Dean's Office

4009   Extension EXCOP (EXCOP only)

Dan Devlin, State Agricultural Specialists
Mark Stadtlander, Communications Specialists
Stacey Warner, Administration, 4-H, ANR/Community Development Specialists
Kevin Dhuyvetter, State Agricultural Specialists

Richard Baker, Communications Specialists
Diane Mack, Area Specialists
Dan Rogers, State Agricultural Specialists
Jan Stephens, Area Specialists
Mary Meck Higgins, FCS Specialists

4010   Library Planning Committee (CCOP/CPAG same)

Thomas Bell 2013/2014 – 2014/2015
Tara Coleman 2013/2014 – 2014/2015
Joelle Pitts 2013/2014 – 2014/2015
Char Simser 2013/2014 – 2014/2015
Tim Watts 2013/2014 – 2014/2015        
Diana Farmer (ex-officio)

4011   K-State Salina (CCOP)

Greg Stephens, Arts, Sciences & Business
Raju Dandu, Engineering Technology
Raylene Alexander, Aviation

K-State Salina (CAPC)

Barney King, CHAIR, Executive Committee
Kaleen Knopp, Faculty Affairs
Rick Zajac, Academic Affairs
Andrew Smith, FSCOUP

Jennifer Molidor, A FSCOT
Greg Stephens, AS&B CCOP
Raylene Alexander, Aviation CCOP
Raju Dandu, ET CCOP

Brett Cooper, SGA President/Representative
TBA, Unclassified Representative
TBA, Classified Representative

4025   General Administration Committee on Planning (GACOP)

Sue Peterson, Office of the President/Office of Research
Jennifer Gehrt, Office of Administration and Finance
Gary Leitnaker, Office of Administration and Finance
Lynn Carlin,  Office of the Provost

Rebecca Gould, Office of the Provost
Sue Maes, Office of the Provost (Dean)
Emily Lehning, Office of Student Life
Larry Moeder, Office of Student Life
Heather Reed, Office of Student Life

4500   Faculty Senate Committee on Technology (FSCOT)

Allen Featherstone, Agriculture
Don Crawford, Architecture, Planning, and Design - CHAIR
Ben Stark, Arts and Sciences
Michael Raine, Business Administration

Ann Knackendoffel, Education
Anil Pahwa, Engineering
Dan Rogers, Extension 
Fran Willbrant, General University

Brian Lindshield, Human Ecology
Harish Maringanti, K-State Libraries
Teresa Hartman, K-State Salina
Tom Schermerhorn, Veterinary Medicine
Theo Stavropoulos, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees: Kenneth Stafford, Representative for the Provost