Reporting units

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Personnel

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Honor and Integrity System

Beginning in the fall 1999 semester, Kansas State University initiated an Honor System based on personal integrity, which is presumed to be a sufficient assurance that, in academic matters, one's work is performed honestly and without unauthorized assistance.

K-State First

K-State First is the University's first-year experience program, an integrated effort to create an outstanding college experience for every first-year student. K-State First supports four core programs for first-year students: CAT Communities, First-Year Seminars, KSBN: K-State Book Network (the university's common reading program), and GPS: Guide to Personal Success (a one-on-one mentoring program for new students).

School of Leadership Studies

Since its inception in 1997, the School of Leadership Studies strives to fulfill each part of its mission statement: developing knowledgeable, ethical, caring, inclusive leaders for a diverse and changing world.

University Honors Program

Initiated in January 2006 and recently approved by Faculty Senate, this exciting opportunity for undergraduates is designed for students within each of the colleges in the university. The University Honors Program is a dynamic and vibrant part of the university community, providing exceptional students with exceptional experiences.

Information Technology Services

The Vice Provost for Information Technology Services provides leadership in the development of an information technology (IT) environment to support the teaching, research, and extension missions of Kansas State University.

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) was established in 1991 to strengthen communication and coordination among Kansas State University's many international programs, to achieve identified strategic planning goals for the university's further internationalization and to provide a focal point for external international contacts.

Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center(TLC) promotes initiatives to enhance teaching and learning at K-State, including the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence and the Peer Review of Teaching Program. TLC consults and collaborates with faculty, and administers TEVAL and IDEA student ratings systems. Principles of College Teaching, a 3-credit course, is offered to graduate students and faculty through the College of Education.

Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment: 1) provides support to departments' assessment activities; 2) assists faculty in the coordination of University General Education (UGE) Assessment efforts; 3) assists in the coordination of the university Basic Skills Assessment efforts; 4) manages K-State Senior/Alumni Surveys.

Office of Planning and Analysis

The Office of Planning and Analysis provides a wide variety of supportive services for academic and administrative units and departments. These include: 1) providing staff support for strategic planning efforts initiated by the Provost; 2) conducting administrative evaluation programs; 3) conducting analytical studies of critical university issues; 4) completing internal and external data requests and requirements; and 5) supporting university task force and committee assignments.

Office of Diversity

The Office of Diversity works with all sectors of the University to enhance racial and cultural diversity and create a campus environment that fosters both academic excellence and appreciation of diversity.

Center for Engagement and Community Development

The Center for Engagement and Community Development promotes engagement on and off campus, in teaching, research, and outreach, and uses K-State expertise to address issues of community development in Kansas.

K-State Sustainability

K-State has embarked on a path to pursue environmental, social, and economic sustainability in every major area of the university. This website is a key resource to find information about what K-State is doing to become more sustainable as well as what you can do to be a part of the effort.

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