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Turfgrass Information

Blackseed (Plantago rugellii) and Broadleaf Plantain (P. major)

Black Medic

Blackseed and broadleaf plantains are cool season perennials that reproduce by seeds. These plantains form a spreading or upright basal rosette of broadly oval leaves with fibrous roots. The leaves are broad-oval, pubescent or smooth, and dark green. The petioles are often with purplish. The leaves are up to 10 inches long, the margins entire or wavy, and the veins are prominent and parallel. Plantain flowers are numerous, inconspicuous, and small. They are borne along the ends of flowering stalk and appear like fingers or rat-tails. They grow 8 to 20 inches tall during May to September.


Blackseed or broadleaf plantains occur in damp, infertile or fertile lawns throughout growing season. They will tolerate compacted soils and light shade.

Non-Chemical Control

To control these weeds without chemicals, maintain turf density and health through proper culture. These weeds can be hand-pulled or mechanically removed.

Chemical Control

Apply postemergence herbicides in mid spring to early summer and/or mid to late autumn when weeds are growing actively. Preemergence herbicides can be applied before seed germination.