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The Kansas State University Committee Handbook

Includes: Student Senate, University Support Staff Senate, Faculty Senate, Presidential, and Other University Committees

Each year from May through September the Committee Handbook will be updated as the senate officers, committee chairs and memberships change. These changes will be made as notice is received. If you have any questions please call the Office of the Provost (785) 532-6224. 

Committees numbered 900-999 are responsible to the University Support Staff Senate; 1000-1999 are responsible to the Student Senate; those numbered 2000-4999 are Faculty Senate Committees; those numbered 5000-5999 are responsible to the Graduate Council; those numbered 7000-7999 are other University Committees; and committees numbered 8000-8999 are responsible to the President of the University or the President's designee.

Membership terms in the committees vary. When known, the Academic Year (AY #-#) that completes each committee member's term is noted in parenthesis.

Table of Contents 

Kansas Open Meetings Act Guidelines
Faculty Senate (FS)
Faculty Senate Senators and Officers
Faculty Senate Committee Chairs
Faculty Senate Ombudspersons/Mediation Coordinator
Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee
Faculty Senate Justice, Equity, Diversity, Access, Inclusion, and Identity Committee

Faculty Senate Professional Staff Affairs Committee
Faculty Senate Committee on Technology (FSCOT)
Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning (FSCOUP)

Student Governing Association (SGA)
Student Governing Association Officers of the Student Senate 
Student Governing Association Executive Branch 
Student Governing Association Legislative Branch
Student Governing Association Judicial Branch

University Support Staff Senate (USS Senate)
University Support Staff Senate Executive Council 
University Support Staff Senate Senators
University Support Staff Senate Committees

University Support Staff Senate Committees (900-999)

Student Senate Committees (1000-1299)

Student Senate Judicial Boards (1300-1999)

Faculty Senate Committees (2000-3049)

University and College Scholarship Committees (3050-3999)

Committees on Planning (4000-4999)

Faculty Senate Committees on Planning

College Committees on Planning

Graduate School Faculty Committees and Councils (5000-5999)

Other University Committees (7000-7999)

 Presidential Committees and Councils (8000-8999)

* The committees listed in italics with an asterisk (*) at the end of the listing are currently not meeting.

Alphabetized List of All Committees