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Student Governing Association

Legislative Branch of SGA

The Legislative Branch is composed of elected student senators and committee members. The main body of the Legislative Branch of SGA is Student Senate. Student Senate is comprised of over 60 elected Student Senators. In Student Senate, members meet weekly to vote on different pieces of legislation. These pieces of legislation can take the form of bills or resolutions. Bills are binding pieces of legislation that make a political action. This can take the form of funding bills for student organizations or amendments to current SGA and university policies. Resolutions, the other type of legislation, are non-binding pieces of legislation that take a definitive stance. Resolutions can call other bodies to take action or resolutions can commend a member of the university. Additionally, all Student Senators serve as a member of a College Caucus and on a standing committee, each of which is devoted to specific goals. 

Speaker of the Student Senate

Blake Phillips, bphillips@ksu.edu

The Speaker of the Student Senate serves as the chief executive of the legislative branch of SGA. The Speaker presides over the Student Senate and is responsible for chairing the SGA Executive Committee, and supervising the officers of the Student Senate. The speaker is nominated and elected by Student Senate and serves a one-year term.

Key Responsibilities

  • Preside over Student Senate Meetings
  • Chair SGA Executive Committee Meetings
  • Co-chair the Tuition & Fees Strategies Committee with the Student Body President
  • Serve as a voting member of Faculty Senate and Faculty Affairs Committee of Faculty Senate
  • Verify and sign all passed legislation and present such legislation to the Student Body President
  • Supervise the Student Senate Parliamentarian, and the Standing Committee Chairs
  • Be a student voice to K-State faculty, administration, and to state leaders

Speaker Pro Tempore of the Student Senate

Nick Saia, ncsaia@ksu.edu

The Speaker Pro Tempore of the Student Senate assumes the duties of the Speaker of the Student Senate upon the Speaker’s absence. Like the Speaker of Student Senate, the Speaker Pro Tempore is also nominated and elected by Student Senate and serves a one-year term.

Key Responsibilities

  • Serving as Speaker of the Student Senate in the absence or at the request of the Speaker
  • Serve as the Secretary for Student Senate meetings
  • Assist in the coordination of committee appointments
  • Assist the Speaker in supervising the Student Senate Parliamentarian and the Standing Committee Chairs
  • Chair the Diversity Programming Committee
  • Oversee the College Caucus Leaders and College Caucus system
  • Certify and mail all pieces of legislation

Officers of the Student Senate

Parliamentarian: Airianna O'Donohue, airianna@ksu.edu

Treasurer: Tram Pham, phamt@ksu.edu

Communications Director: Rachel Grollmes, rdgrollm@ksu.edu

Intern Coordinators: Ashley Grills, grills@ksu.edu, and Michael Arnold, arnoldmw@ksu.edu

Student Senate Standing Committees

There are six standing committees in Student Senate that specifically address areas of concern for the student body. Each student senator serves on a standing committee. Most pieces of legislation are created and worked on in committee. Learn More.

Student Senators

There are sixty elected members of Student Senate. Each college or school is represented by at least one Student Senator. Student Senators are duly elected for a term of one year from the main campus student body.  Learn More.